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Best Tips for Traveling with your Vaping Equipment

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Undoubtedly, vaping is a trendy habit nowadays. In the likelihood that you are planning a vacation and want to take your vaping gear with you, here are a few tips you should consider.

Although vaping is widespread and well-known, there are still countries that have severe restrictions and bans on vaping and its products.

Electronic cigarettes have become so common that the equipment related to them is unlikely to raise eyebrows.

If you plan to travel with your vaping equipment, there are rules related to packing that you’ll need to follow. These rules exist to ensure the safety of fellow passengers and yourself. These tips will also help vapers remain safe and minimize airport delays.

1. Research your destination

It’s a smart idea to start by researching the rules and regulations in your destination on e-cigarettes and its products.

Some vape users have reported getting their vaping gear flagged and confiscated on arrival in particular countries.

Japan, Finland, Norway, Australia, and Denmark ban the local sale of e-liquid containing nicotine. They do, however, allow you to import the e-liquid for personal use.

On the other hand, countries such as Brazil, Thailand, Singapore, UAE, and Hong Kong have severe penalties.

If you plan on travelling to a nation that restricts the use of vapes, leaves your vaping gear at home, doesn’t take any risks.

2. Read the airline rules

The popularity of vaping is currently pretty high. Some airlines give guidelines for travelling with vaping products on their websites. Different airlines have different governing laws, so it’s advisable to read carefully before taking your vaping gear.

3. Pack e-liquids with other liquid items

Keep all your liquid products together in a single resealable plastic bag.

When going through security checkpoints, most airports separately screen liquids. Keep in mind that a pod filled with e-liquid counts as a liquid item as well.

It’s important to note that the most liquid capacity you are allowed to travel with is 100ml. Most common e-juice containers have a capacity of 120ml, but online shops like Epuffer offer e-liquid quantities as low as 30ml.

4. Pack vaping gear and mods in a carry-on bag

First things first, do not forget to turn off your vaping device. Whether it has batteries or not, most airlines do not allow the carrying of vaping devices in checked luggage.

When it comes to the causes of e-cigarette battery fires, the primary reason is improper packaging in bags and pockets. Remove the battery from your mod before travelling or engage the firelock button to prevent unwanted fire activation.

5. Protect the battery

Sources of powerful energy include lithium-ion batteries. The batteries are powerful enough to the point that they could power an electric car. Note that the batteries’ metal enclosure is conductive and you need to be more careful. To prevent any likely accident, cover your battery terminals with tape and use a padded carrier to transport them.

Some airlines also restrict the number of batteries that an individual can carry.

6. Empty your pod

When placing your pod in your carry-on bag, make sure it’s empty to avoid accidental spills onto your other devices, like a cell phone or laptop.

With the above tips, you will be able to travel with your vaping gear much more comfortably and avoid unnecessary delays. Avoid vaping on your journey, especially in flight, because not everyone is enthusiastic about e-cigarettes.


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