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Behind the Scenes Meddling Blamed for High Prices of Pork

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Behind the Scenes Meddling Blamed for High Prices of Pork

The Prime Minister has called into question whether meddling behind the scenes is contributing to the current shortage and high prices of pork in Thailand.

If necessary, pork imports could alleviate the shortage, he said on Monday.

Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha said that prior to taking such action, the government had to determine whether the pork supply in the country was sufficient.

The African swine fever outbreak is confined to just a few areas, not nationwide, and not even 20% of the pigs are dead, so it is possible to produce more. Please understand that there is only a localized outbreak in the present case, not widespread.

So, what is causing a shortage? Something must have happened, and someone may be interfering,” said Gen Prayut.

Prices increased from 150 baht per kilogramme to 210-240 baht per kilogramme in just a few weeks due to shortages of pork. African swine fever has been blamed as the contributing factor.

The Commerce Ministry, the Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry, and other agencies have been instructed to examine rising prices of consumer products, Gen Prayut said.

If fuel prices rise by one baht, then increasing the product price by five baht is not reasonable. Don’t be selfish now,” the premier said.

In response to a reporter’s question about raising the minimum wage to offset rising product prices, Gen Prayut replied: “Where is the money? You can say anything, but you must find the money first. The government must first have the money.”

In recent months, the cost of pork has skyrocketed, followed by the cost of other services and goods such as rice, eggs, vegetables and fruit.

Source: CTN News