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Are Electric Scooters the Future of Transport?



Electric scooters

Electric scooters are slowly shaping the way we travel. This electric device, in particular, has been around for decades as manual kick scooters but today they have been reinvented as an efficient transport option for most commuters what was once leisurely kick scooters for children’s and teenagers now has a more valuable role in the transportation sector. so are they the future of transportation along with other micro mobile devices it may well become a norm in the coming year due to its growing demand? In fact, the global electric scooters market is expected to grow. that is steady growth for the industry although it’s future is still unpredictable. They have spouted a revolution where it comes to sustainable micro-mobility because of the following reasons why it will likely become part of the future of transportation.

Electric scooters

Riding an electric scooter does not cost much:

Unlike a car on a motorcycle riding an electric scooter will not cost too much. this is true for other micro-mobility devices for one it has lower upfront costs since a decent electric scooter can cost high. if you are willing to spend more on the premium and high-performance electric scooters it will cost a little high. that still significantly more affordable than a car. Aside from this riders do not need to spend on fuel costs since e-scooters don’t need fuel to run. With their portable feature, riders also do not have to worry about finding a space and paying for parking. Besides, e-scooters will also spend little on maintenance in a year as long as it’s taken care of. overall it’s good personal transportation for those on a budget or low-income commuters. its affordability makes personal travelling more affordable.

Electric scooters don’t keep up space in public:

Keep up space in public, really there is a reason that why critics may want to accommodate e-scooters in their space-saving benefits. Thanks to their compact bodies they do not take up much space. in fact, around 10 electric scooters can fit in one car parking in mini space because of this electric scooters are a good solution to the highly congested City that aims to reduce cars parked on the side of the road. E-scooters owners, also do not need to worry about finding a parking lot since they can be carried inside the establishment is allowed. For those who are living in small flats, can fit in easily under a desk or table or may be placed inside cabinets so there is no need to have a separate place for your vehicle. As cities are becoming more and more congested space available is acquiring more value to be owned as a parking lot in metropolitan cities and they will help solve the lack of space in cities.

Cities will gain economic benefits:

Many studies have already seen the perks of using electric scooters in the city economy. for one shared electric scooter systems are able to contribute around 3 13.8 million dollars in sales to shops, meanwhile, the 2019 global rider survey reports that 29.3 of tourists who use share they ended their trips at local restaurants or entertainment establishments by making electric scooters more accessible to the public as it allows them to explore more of the cities and contribute to its economy it is the great reason to ride even after the pandemic.

Electric scooters are convenient and efficient means to commute:

One of the main reasons that why commuters ride electric scooters at their convenience. After all, they have portable transportation that can take them anywhere in the City. Commuters also don’t have to sit and wait in traffic since electric scooters can bypass traffic easily. The latest electric scooters technology also offers faster speeds better safety features and addresses even advanced technologies, such as all-terrain electric scooters, which usually come with dual motor and off-road tires, allowing owners to safely ride on multiple kinds of roads. Moreover, although some electric scooters are built for short distances as well as there are long-range electric scooters are also built that offers riders more mileage and better riding experience, such as Varla Scooter, an emerging startup in this field, is good at creating e-scooters with long-range and big power. Its Varla Eagle One features a top speed of 40mph as well as a max range of 40 miles, while its Varla Pegasus, a dual-motor commuter scooter performs 28mph and 28miles respectively. Overall electric scooters are no longer just scooter that takes you from one point to another but electric scooters help you to live a better and easier lifestyle.

Electric scooters are a sustainable way to travel:

One of the major reasons for the electric scooter’s popularity is the electric scooters environmental impact. since electric scooters do not use fuel to run it has also does not emit any harmful gases into the atmosphere, as a result, it can help reduce air pollution in highly dense cities. some people still question the environmental benefits of electric scooters have proven that there that they’re worth contributing to a more sustainable transportation sector.

Electric scooters are solving the Mile problem:

One of the pinpoints of some commuters is the first and the last mile dilemma. For commuters that refers to the distance between your starting point and the nearest bus stop after this distance is too short for commuters to ride a car or too much far to walk. electric scooter solves this problem by offering a lightweight, quick and effective mode of transportation. Electric scooters will also a good option to use when going to nearby shops or places within the neighbour’s or household especially if it’s just a short distance that makes moving around the city is more convenient for all kinds of people from students to office workers.

Micro mobility the way we move:

The future of electric scooters suggests that it will become part of the way we are living, especially for those living in cities that may seem more personal micro mobile devices aside from electric scooters as long as regulations regarding micro-mobility devices are recognized and defined properly. It would help promote them and other devices to commuters. It will also be safe for all micro-mobility riders. As more cities legislate and encourage the devices the more commuters these devices the sooner we can experience the affordable efficient and more mobile weight of travelling.


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