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Amnesty for former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra in Question



Yingluck said she did not want state officials to get involved in swaying votes

Pattana Chart Thai adviser Sanan Kachornprasart yesterday expressed reservations about raising the issue of amnesty at this time, although he believed that the Thai people finally forgive former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

“If invited to join the Thai Pheu led coalition Pattana Chart Thai would respond after the convening of the party’s executive board to review the Thai Pheu stand on granting amnesty to Thaksin,” he said.

Sanan said he was concerned about the opposition to erase Thaksin’s conviction and punishment. He hinted that an amnesty for Thaksin – and national reconciliation in relation to the war of the political spectrum – are two separate issues.

Democrat spokesman said Pheu Buranaj Smutharaks Yingluck Shinawatra Thai candidate had an ulterior motive in linking amnesty for Thaksin as part of the reconciliation process.

“The people have been duped into believing the country could not be peace without blame Thaksin be canceled,” he said.

Buranaj said political turmoil stems from the confusion as the interests linked Shinawatra family to the country.

If Thai Yingluck Pheu had honest intentions, they should clarify the specific steps and people involved to achieve reconciliation, he said, arguing Yingluck ambiguous statements were designed to iron out to rescue Thaksin.

Commenting on his concerns about external interference in forming the next government, the Democratic leader, Abhisit Vejjajiva, said parliament would be the place to elect the prime minister.

Abhisit rejected speculation that the government would be formed inside the military barracks.

As for the supply of Sanan to host reconciliation talks between Democrats and Pheu Thailand after the vote, said it was unclear what would speak.

Sanan tangible should have an idea of ​​reconciliation, negotiations could begin at any time before the vote, he said.

Reaffirmed its position that Thaksin would not tolerate an amnesty. As for the suggestion Yingluck on conducting a referendum on Thaksin, who said the public should not be confused by mixing different subjects.

The amnesty, if granted, would mean absolving him of conviction and punishment, he said. The pardon, which is sometimes interpreted in simple terms such as forgiveness, which could happen if the offender had admitted the conviction and was part of the sentence, he said, noting Thaksin had not met her two years in prison.

Speaking as part of his campaign in Chiang Rai, Yingluck said he did not want state officials to participate in the voting roll.

Reaffirmed its position that the winning party must have a first chance at forming the government. He also said he was in the declaration of his party refused to team up with Bhuma Jai ​​Thai on the basis of irreconcilable differences.

Press Release:

The Nation/Asia News Network
Mon, Jun 13, 2011

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