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American Vaccinated with Moderna Dies from Covid-19

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The covid-19 response centre in Chiang Mai Thailand has reported that a 66-year-old American man has died after a lengthy stay in hospital. The American man had already received two doses of Moderna vaccinations in the USA.

The response centre said the man suffered from diabetes and contracted the virus on the 17th of September. He was admitted into the hospital on the 27th of September and passed away this month.

He is the 45th person to have died from Covid-19 complications in Chiang Mai province since the start of the pandemic.

The Covid Response Centre also announced the closure of Warorot, Tom Lamyai and Dok Mai Markets, following the discovery of 37 people in the area testing positive for covid-19.

Those who have come into close contact with locals in the markets are being vaccinated in hopes of curbing the virus from spreading.

Chiang Mai’s Omkoi District has been ordered to set up a Community Isolation Centre, with a lockdown of all households and halt of all movements within the district. Multiple clusters have emerged in Chiang Mai and authorities say that they are monitoring them as closely.

New Covid-19 Cases in Chiang Rai

Meanwhile, Public health officials in Phan District, Chiang Rai Province have screened a group of workers in Mueang Phan Subdistrict after several cases of COVID-19 were detected in Charoen Mueang Subdistrict, Phan District.

The first case was a 12-year-old boy, a sixth-grade student. The infection was detected at a private hospital. Authorities later extended the test results for the ATK at-risk group. The boy’s grandfather, grandmother, brother, and some students at his school, tested positive for the virus.

Public health officials have visited in Charoen Mueang Subdistrict of Chiang Rai to investigate a high-risk group of 112 cases. Four more positive cases were found.

The Chiang Rai Provincial Public Health Office reported that on October 21, there were 24 more confirmed cases of covid-19 with RT-PCR tests.

The Chiang Rai Migrant Workers Assistance Center has facilitated with Chiang Rai Municipality to vaccinate migrant workers living or working in Chiang Rai Municipality.


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