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Adnan Syed, Subject Of Serial Podcast, Drops Charges



Adnan Syed, Subject Of Serial Podcast, Drops Charges

(CTN News) – Baltimore prosecutors dropped charges against Adnan Syed, the man who served 22 years for killing Hae Min Lee, his former girlfriend.

Serial was about Lee’s death and Syed’s conviction.

Tuesday afternoon, Baltimore’s state’s attorney, Marilyn Mosby, said DNA tests completely exonerated Adnan Syed: “His DNA was excluded.”

However, she declined to say if any other known suspects were implicated in the recent DNA tests.

After receiving the DNA results on Friday, Mosby dropped the charges against Syed on Tuesday, hoping to contact Lee’s relatives first. According to her, prosecutors haven’t heard from the Lee family’s attorney since Tuesday afternoon.

Mosby said Lee’s family has “relived an unimaginable nightmare over and over.” Also heartbreaking is the pain and sacrifice that has gone on not just for that family, but also for Adnan and his family,” adding that Syed spent 23 years in prison for a crime because of a wrongful conviction.

Last month, prosecutors in the city’s State’s Attorney’s Office had 30 days to decide whether to dismiss Adnan Syed case or retry him.

According to a motion filed last month, a year-long investigation had revealed two other potential suspects in Lee’s murder.

As the investigation was still ongoing, the names of the suspects weren’t released. According to prosecutors, at least one of those suspects wasn’t disclosed to Adnan Syed lawyer at trial.

Lee’s family filed an appeal against Adnan Syed release last month, but today’s decision makes it moot. Mosby said the case was over.


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