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A large Number Of Chinese Tourists are Likely to Visit Pakistan This Year



A large Number Of Chinese Tourists are Likely to Visit Pakistan This Year

(CTN News) – The Covid-19 outbreak caused three bleak years of cross-border tourism between Pakistan and China, but 2023, the Pakistan-China Year of Tourist Exchanges, is predicted to see a surge in the travel and tourism industries in both nations.

Online exchanges have already begun. To establish economic ties, we are also collaborating with Chinese tourist organizations.

Aftab ur Rehman Rana, managing director of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC), said to China Economic Net that “soon we’ll complete a schedule of events and activities” (CEN).

He thinks Pakistan, where many business prospects are opening up for individual investments in the tourist and hospitality industry, would be a great place for China, one of the major participants in the global tourism economy, to investigate.

“During the epidemic, many Chinese employees of CPEC left for China; this is the perfect moment for them to return with their families for a pleasant stay.

If we have improved border crossing facilitation, affordable flight ticket packages, and inter-city transit connecting key cities like Beijing, Urumqi, Islamabad, and Lahore… I anticipate that a lot of Chinese visitors will visit Pakistan.

There will be two-way traffic. According to him, the silk road is a highly well-traveled path in China and has drawn several visitors from Europe.

Pakistan’s rich history, culture, festivities, and music will provide an unforgettable vacation experience.

PTDC has already created a comprehensive handbook about Pakistan in Chinese in this respect. Video documentaries with Chinese subtitles will also be produced to educate Chinese visitors about Pakistan.

To make the partnership in tourism promotion more successful, a working group with members from both sides will be established.

The best time of year for bilateral travel is now. It’s also time to improve both sides of the visa policy to make it more tourist-friendly.

For groups of visitors to travel in an orderly manner with a predetermined plan and see the stunning vistas on both sides, tour operators should be encouraged to create group tour packages, the expert said.

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