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8 Fantastic Ideas to Celebrate Quarantine Mother’s Day 2021

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8 Fantastic Ideas to Celebrate Quarantine Mother's Day 2021

Sure we all had a myriad of plans to roll out this year after spending a whole damn year in quarantine isolation and missing out on all the fun in the world, even on Mother’s Day. From the dazzling charm of Disneyland to the romantic breeze of Paris to the Hawaiian nights full of booze and embrace. But things don’t work out every time exactly the way we plan it. Instead of feeling FOMO ( Fear of missing out), let’s embrace that.

Here’s to one more year we get to spend time with our families and spend quality time together. Don’t forget to be grateful; you still made it so far all healthy and well-heeled, and none of your family members are suffering.

With Mother’s day around the corner, let’s not kill the vibe and try to make the day as best as we could, following all the protocols and rocking a fantabulous Quarantine Mother’s Day 2021.

Obviously, we can’t step out to celebrate this day by taking our birth givers to their favourite cafes and click those mushy insta-worthy snaps or dance till you drop with your Mother and vibe on Cardi B and Drake songs while driving. But hey, who said you couldn’t have all the fun at home?

Remember, nothing can get in the way of you and your mom; it’s simply a matter of being more creative with what you have and getting to spend quality time together. If not a swoon-worthy cafe, you can deck up your house space and make it the next favourite instagrammable corner of the house. We bet, your Mother is going to appreciate it a lot. Make sure you don’t forget to buy a wonderful mother’s day card to show how much you love her.

Here is a list of 8 fun and crazy ideas you can rule out this Mother’s day and make it the holiday to remember for years:

Decor, Backdrops and Glitter:

Nothing substitutes the pleasure of decorating your house, that too for your favourite human on this Earth, your Mother. Thanks to Amazon, you can still order a plethora of house decor items, and they are safely delivering amidst the pandemic to help you celebrate the best of your celebrations with the same smile in your eyes and enthusiasm in your veins. You can buy some crazy floral backdrops, LED lights or even the most trending customizable neon sign lights to amp up your house decor for a mom-child date.

Plan a Quarantine Movie Night:

Everyone loves Netflix and chill with their gang or their partner, but when was the last time you binge-watched a Romantic comedy with your mom? Even we don’t remember. Now is the time. Exploit all your OTT subscriptions, find amazing shoes and movies to binge-watch, throw that popcorn in the oven and get those wine glasses ready to celebrate and dedicate the weekend to our moms. Some of the evergreen movies to watch with your Mother are- Little Women, Gossip Girl, and Wine Country.

Order her Favourite Bouquet:

One of the most time-honoured, traditional gifts to give to mothers everywhere are flowers. After all, cliches are okay sometimes! Your Mother is no less than a flower herself, and what’s better to gift the flower of your life a beautiful bouquet of fresh, exotic flowers.

The best part is, you don’t have to step out in the middle of a pandemic; you can browse online and find fine selections of Mothers day flowers online to order for your Mother. Move over classic red roses, this time gift her tulips or daylilies as they are famous for their beautiful appearance and have a symbolic association with motherhood and Mother’s Day.

Bake a Cake:

Nothing makes a mother more happy than a child cooking or baking. Haha, you heard it right! Mothers never cry for perfectionist children; they just love when you put in efforts for her. This time, rather than ordering a fancy cake online, open those dusty cookbooks rotting in the attic or, best, watch Youtube, not for PewDiePie but baking tutorials.

Baking a cake ain’t that of a hassle; you just got to follow the instructions right and mix the ingredients in the right proportion, and voila, your fluffy cake is ready. Now, wait for your mom’s precious reaction. Don’t forget to film the candidness and cuteness of her first impression.

Give Her a Little Makeover:

How about hosting a little pampering session for mom at home? That sounds like a great idea! Mothers dedicate all their lives to their families and children; they barely get time to invest in themselves. Throw a sesh with your Mother and paint her nails beautifully, give her a nice hairstyle and make her adorn that favourite dress of hers that she hasn’t worn for years and click some amazing pictures of her with flowers. She would definitely love it.

Old Photos and Conversations:

We all love striking great conversations with our favourite people. But nothing is better than reminiscing about old times and gossiping with your Mother. Please go through the old trunks at your home and find all the possible albums from your parent’s wedding, your birth, your parent’s honeymoon, your first trip or even your school days or the graduation day and take her down the memory lane and laugh out loud and cheer to all the great times you have had shared with your parents. Tell her how lucky you feel to be her child and tell her how great of a mother she is! Warning: She might shed an emotional tear of joy with such a gesture.

Write a Handwritten Letter:

No matter how old we get, everyone loves handwritten letters. Especially, talking about our parents, they belong to the 90’s era where handwritten letters were an absolute emotion. Pick a nice crumbled paper, jot your feelings and tell your Mother how much you love her and you are truly blessed to be born in this family. Do some aesthetics and make it visually appealing. She might lose one side of the Airpod you gifted her last year, but this little thing she is going to treasure forever.

Click Lots of Pictures:

When Ed Sheeran said- “We all keep this love in this photograph”, we all felt it. Photographs are the best bet to treasure your precious times. Click lots of selfies and pictures with your Mother on the backdrop you created and show her off on your social media. You can also try out making trending reels on Instagram with a mommy twist, and we can fairly say it has a great chance of getting viral. So pick your camera pals, set your angels and bang that selfie game strong!


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