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75 Percent of Thai Women are Victims of Domestic Violence

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According to an opinion poll conducted in October among 1,692 women aged 20 found 75 percent of Thai women have experienced domestic violence. The study was conducted for the Women and Men Progressive Movement Foundation.

According to the same survey, 31.4% of domestic violence has alcohol as a cause, said Jaree Srisawat, head of the alliance network promotion section of the foundation yesterday, ahead of International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

The most disturbing aspect of domestic violence in Thailand is that 87.4% of abused women do not seek out or consult with authorities about the violent incidents because they do not know where to find help or they believe that no one can help them.

Among the agencies from which women can seek assistance, Jaree cited the foundation as an example that is ready to provide support and legal assistance by calling hotline 1300 or calling 02-513-2889.

As a result, she believes that the Thai judicial system should not treat domestic violence as being normal in most families, stating that reducing such violence is not about compromise, but rather a change in the cultural mentality of men being dominant in the home.

75 Percent of Thai Women are Victims of Domestic Violence

Raising awareness of domestic violence

To celebrate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women today, the Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth), the Women and Men Progressive Movement Foundation, and Wunderman Thompson Thailand are jointly hosting an exhibition and activities to highlight the problem of domestic violence in Thailand.

The Wunderman Thompson Thailand team is presenting an online show called “Museum of First Time”, showcasing real-life domestic violence to raise awareness about the issue in Thai society with the hope of affecting a change in social values.

Visitors of the exhibition are encouraged to share their perspectives and to offer moral support via www.museumof1sttime.com

It was reported by ThaiHealth that, during the first half of last year, despite a surge in COVID-19 infections, the majority of victims of domestic violence were under the influence of alcohol, and nearly 100% were repeatedly abused. Approximately 80% of the violence against women and children in families is due to alcohol, she said.

According to one of the victims, who was 17 years old, she often quarreled with her boyfriend, who is 10 years older. This is due to the fact that both of them were drinkers.

They decided to get married anyway, but her husband drank more heavily and became increasingly violent until she couldn’t take the abuse anymore and asked for a divorce. However, she changed her mind once she found out she was pregnant, hoping that having a child might change his behavior. But she was wrong. She eventually left him.

She also said that she subsequently found a new partner but, again, he drank and the quarrels started again. They broke up.

Now she lives with a man who does not drink or smoke.

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