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7 Trends Digital Marketers in Thailand Must Know in 2020



2020 is around the corner, and new technologies are influencing consumer behaviors. While some of the advancements will fizzle and die, some of the latest trends will become industry staples. In Thailand, 90% of internet users now access social media and online services through their smartphones. Digital marketers in Thailand have to adapt their marketing strategies to reach their target audience. As we look forward to new technologies, here are top digital marketing trends that will go beyond 2020.

1. Increase in video marketing

Video marketing has been soaring to new heights for years. For instance, bloggers can run video blogs successfully. Recent statistics show that over 82% of Twitter users watch videos. YouTube is attracting more users, with over a third of internet users using the platform. In Thailand, people watch videos on Facebook for an average of 105 minutes a day. So what are digital marketers doing about it? Interactive video content sparks an emotional response. Nowadays, they can be used across various channels. However, going forward, marketers need to develop videos that pass the message without the use of sound. Including captioning to communicate will be a priority in 2020.

2. Optimization of voice search

Research indicates that 20% of searches in Google take place with the use of voice. The trend will rise in 2020 since many users are already using voice assistants on their phones. Therefore, businesses should focus on optimising content for voice search. An SEO agency can offer relevant advice on how to create conversational content. Companies should also be ready to use smart speakers to advertise their products, see this review.

3. Increased social media shopping

Social media is the king of online marketing. However, many businesses do not realize that people shop on these platforms. Many customers discover new products on Instagram and Facebook, and they are likely to buy the product if they can find more information. The social media platforms are making it easy for merchants to sell their products. In 2020, digital marketers need to focus on creating shoppable posts. This means that they need to ensure the product can be bought directly from Facebook or Instagram. They can also tag the website for additional products. It is an excellent way to drive traffic and boost sales.

4. Use of Augmented reality and Virtual reality

AR and VR are taking the online marketing community by storm. While VR has been all the buzz in recent years, AR is expected to outpace it in 2020. Today’s consumers want to be sure before making a purchase. Therefore, giving them a taste of how it feels to use a product should provide them with the push they need to buy the product. Augmented reality is widely used in advertising products. Customers can use AR to know what they would look like with a pair of sunglasses before they purchase.

5. Use of artificial intelligence for Smart Bidding

Nowadays, consumers want everything fast and at their fingertips. The introduction of programmatic advertising makes it possible for consumers to bid on products and reduce acquisition costs. With smart bidding, customers can purchase directly from the advert. Therefore, businesses benefit from increased conversions and customer convenience. In 2020, the use of programmatic advertising is expected to rise. With the new improvements by Google, which allows optimization of bids, smart bidding will change the face of search engine advertising.

6. Personalization

In 2019, customization has been gaining momentum. The use of personalized marketing methods will increase in 2020 and beyond. The majority of internet users frown upon generic adverts. Therefore, if you do not want to bore your audience, ensure you are creating custom adverts. A digital marketing agency can help you formulate a personalized marketing campaign. You need to get a head start with segmented email lists and adverts.

7. Advertising using social messaging apps

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are becoming popular marketing tools. Their fame is expected to increase in 2020. Therefore, if your business is not using messaging apps to communicate, it is time to begin. Messaging apps makes marketing personal, and this can help companies to connect with customers and educate them on their products.

The above trends are going to be game-changers in the digital marketing world. Therefore, digital marketers in Thailand should brace themselves for the changes.


Screen Shot 2018 09 20 at 11.12.58 amAuthor Bio: Wassana is an SEO Specialist at Noria, a Chiang Mai based Digital marketing agency in Thailand. Her team has been operating in Thailand since 2012, providing services in SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing and more. She enjoys the ever-changing of online marketing trends. Find her on LinkedIn.


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