7 Toys To Boost Your Child's Memory

7 Toys to Boost Your Child’s Memory



Development of the memory skills plays a very integral role in a child’s basic foundation. Psychology says that children tend to learn better when something is being taught to them through a playful and fun process… then why not?

Every child loves toys and games. And who said, games and play are just for keeping your body fit? It can be an excellent way to also boost your child’s memory.

Due to the pandemic, online toy sales increased by 21.4 percent in 2021, putting the online toy market ahead of the total online retail sector.

The pandemic has totally disrupted our children’s daily routine and so, you must take more effort to pick toys that will not only make them happy but will also enhance your child’s development.

1. Wooden puzzles

It is not a secret that children absolutely love solving puzzles. And guess what… this can be a great way of boosting your child’s brain skills.

To solve these puzzles, let your kid assemble all the wooden blocks and then ask them to match the blocks with their corresponding places. This game is not only fun but also boosts your kid’s identifying skills. This toy is highly recommended for children above two years.

2. Puzzle Cube

Puzzle cube toys are great for the memory development of a child. Give your child the unsolved cube and see what they do with it. Help them crack a few codes, but overall, let them do it on their own.

This toy will help the child in developing their memory, and reflexes and also help overcome problems. This toy is suitable for youngsters aged three and up. You can also explore My Happy Helpers as they offer a great collection of baby toys and so much more!

3. Shape Sorters

Shape Sorters come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and you can choose what’s ideal for your child from there. A few key elements you would want to consider are the container shapes and their respective parts, the composition, and maybe the degree of difficulty.

Shape Sorters can be found in every preschool and kindergarten as they are conventional instructional toys that make children aware of the various shapes and sizes and also gives them an idea of colors, which is important for their development.

4. Matching Games

Matching games should be in your child’s toy collection and for all the right reasons. They immensely benefit in the development of concentration skills, identifying skills, improves visual memory, improves vocabulary and thinking skills and so much more.

It’s a game every preschool tries to stress as it helps form the basic foundation of a child.

5. Stacking Game

Stacking game toys are another set of toys that can boost a child’s memory and facilitate brain growth. In this, the child has to stack one object over another and make sure they don’t fall.

This game is a great example of improving the thinking and balancing skills of a child. Initially, the child will face some difficulty, but some motivation will keep them going. Start with two to three objects and gradually let your kid stack up. This game is ideal for kids of 8 to 12 months.

6. Dominoes

Dominoes are the perfect game to make a child’s playtime fun and full of learning and excitement. With this, children will now be able to learn how to count and this game also triggers their recognition skills.

7. Musical Toys

Children love music. Then why not improve their brain skills through music? Musical games aid in brain and memory improvement, enhance the senses, improve cognitive abilities and build up conscience and identity. Further, it also improves auditory skills.

Over to you…

As a result, toys play a major role in stimulating a child’s senses and triggering their imaginative powers. Kids can be so curious and inquisitive about the world around them that if you feed them the right information playfully, they will remember it for years.

For them, every single thing – a color, a new shape, a new taste becomes an experience. Thus, it is the job of parents to introduce them to toys that will aid their growth over just any toy on the market.


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