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5 Things to Have If You Are Anime Lover



Anime Lover

Anime lover, or Otakus, are diehard fans of anime (Japanese animation). If you are an Otaku as well and are looking out for some amazing cool anime things for yourself or someone you know, then here are a few ideas we can help you with!

Anime Character Action Figures

One of the main things is an action figure. There are numerous options available in stores or online that you can check. These action figures can be of your favourite anime characters like Naruto, Levi, Goku, or absolutely anyone for AI chat.

Swords and katanas are common weapons that we see in anime, having one would be awesome. You can check online for some katanas for sale.

These action figures are cute, chibi, and much fun to have. This builds in a powerful affection towards the anime you like and showing off your action figures on the internet could be your biggest flex!

Anime Boxset

Although you might have already watched your favorite anime twice, but getting a boxset shows you have a proper collection and you truly are an anime lover! Trusting Netflix or other websites as a source might not always workout even if you are mainstreaming. Anime boxsets are always the best idea! no disruptions, pay once, repeat as many times as you want, and not internet required. Sounds cool, isn’t it?

Anime Body Pillow

Anime body pillows not only add in to your anime collection but they are also great pain relievers! There are various types of anime body pillows such as cute ones, hot ones, or sexy ones.

You can find the top-rated anime lover body pillows at Mattress Firm Pillows. These act as a cure for depression as well, especially if you live alone and need someone’s presence along your side. You can sleep with your favorite character printed on the pillow, cuddle with it and hug it all you want.

Anime Clothing

Want an Akatsuki cloak or Levi’s costume to fulfil your anime dreams? If you are a true anime lover then you should have at least the clothes of your favourite anime lover character.

You don’t need to wait for Halloween to get ready, you can change into the costumes whenever you want! Get those costumes, get ready and take lots of pictures and make short videos cosplaying the character, then show off on your accounts. nobody

Anime Utensils

What kind of anime lover are you if you do not have the ramen bowl and chopsticks that Naruto has? Watching anime characters live their life should inspire you to live yours by using their items. Their bowls, cups, chopsticks, tables, and their eating styles of course.

These are small things to notice, but otakus usually have their plates and bowls printed with their favorite anime character or the anime logo. One more thing, saying ‘itadakimasu’ before you start eating will make you feel more jap.

Jewelry Anime Lover

Anime lover earrings, necklaces, rings, and what not! You can find Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan, Naruto, and other anime jewelry pieces online as well. If you already have an idea or design in mind, then you can get it customized as well.

Simply search for a shop that offers customized services and contact them by sending the design of logo that you have in mind. Anime lover jewelry pieces are a great gift item too! Wearing these to outings could really show your attraction towards your favourite character and make you look chic, stylish and whatnot.


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