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5 Qualities of a Good Virtual Assistant

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By: Sophie Howard

A virtual assistant is a useful asset for organizations of any size, especially for small businesses with limited resources and financial means. Visual assistants step up to writing when they work. Small business owners must efficiently manage their time and concentrate on tasks that lead to faster business development and success.

By managing non-essential activities and other non-core functions, the VA assists entrepreneurs in freeing up critical time. The VA industry increased exponentially in 2006, owing to the worldwide economic downturn, which drove businesses to rethink their corporate development strategy and apply cost-cutting measures. Outsourcing services to third-party providers, such as virtual assistants, has become popular as a cost-cutting method without sacrificing revenue creation.

Many people are turning to digital-based employment like a virtual assistant as work-from-home prospects grow. Virtual assistants are:

  • Important members of the workforce.
  • Assisting business owners.
  • Executives.
  • Other professionals with various time-consuming activities.

We’ll go through the top talents of a virtual assistant and why they’re crucial in this article.

Businesses can find VAs from a variety of places. You can ask for help and tips with your friends or associates for recommendations or look up information on the internet. Candidates for virtual support employment can be found on several reputable online job market platforms and websites. It is critical to qualify all applicants before hiring them, regardless of where you acquire your candidates.

As for being an effective virtual assistant, one must have the following:


The go-to person for information is a wonderful virtual assistant. You don’t have to know all there is to know about the company, but you need a mechanism in place to find out. This might be as basic as having a designated point of contact within the organization to go for information. Once you’ve asked a question, please make a note of it, so you don’t have to ask again and again. Being able to answer most, if not all, of a client’s basic queries contributes to you becoming an indispensable member of their team.

Ability to Communicate

Everyone must have at least some communication skills to connect effectively with others. Virtual assistants, on the other hand, must have great communication abilities. If a virtual assistant has excellent communication skills, they can use this to their advantage, particularly if they work in customer service. They must be a good speaker to interact effectively with consumers, clients, and employers.

If a virtual assistant has excellent communication skills, they can use this to their advantage, particularly if they work in customer service. They must be a good speaker to interact effectively with consumers, clients, and employers. Maintaining a discussion in which both sides can say what they want and be understood well is defined as being an effective speaker, not being able to employ technical and highfalutin jargon. A simple language is a preferable option because it engages clients and makes them feel more at ease during the interaction.

Mastery in various languages, particularly those that are frequently used by clients, can also help you succeed. Listening and comprehending what the consumer is conveying is also part of communicating. Communication will be easier if VAs can understand the jargon and slang used by the people they serve. Working online is a different task, and strong rapport must be maintained, regardless of the situation.

Regardless of how clients behave, VAs must maintain a cheerful attitude. It is essential to be courteous, polite, and engaging. Clients and customers respect virtual assistants because of their confidence and how they show themselves.

Knowledgeable About Computers

Everything is done online with virtual assistants because they work remotely and digitally. In light of this, a prospective VA should at the very least be familiar with the characteristics of the internet. Being tech-savvy is essential for working as a virtual assistant. Both the VA and the client will benefit from knowledge and experience with the internet and the online world since during will be completed faster and more easily.

Tip: Use the internet to keep track of all of your responsibilities. Learn how to use various virtual tools, such as task management and communication platforms, to ensure that you can organize and finish several projects simultaneously.

Quick Decision-Making and Thinking

While every new virtual assistant employee faces a learning curve, a VA or team of VAs must be able to think quickly and make the best judgments in instances where time zone variations mean a client or employer isn’t instantly available to answer queries—in these situations, having a virtual assistant with the experience and confidence to look into alternative resources for a possible answer rather than waiting for the customer to respond is invaluable.

When virtual assistant encounters challenges, it’s also critical that they prioritize tasks. An unplanned system outage may prevent the completion of the highest priority inbox item, but it may provide an opportunity to accomplish routine administrative tasks sooner. Taking immediate action like this can mean the difference between being a great virtual assistant and being a mediocre one.

Working Under Pressure

Because a virtual assistant’s job can be extremely difficult at times, the ability to perform gracefully and efficiently under duress is essential. Every time they take a job, they must have an effective stress management strategy in place and a hardworking mindset. One of the most common things that virtual assistants hate is meeting deadlines. However, deadlines are created for a purpose, and they are critical for clients working on time-sensitive projects.

The frames and deadlines are necessary so that VAs can change and accomplish their jobs on time, even if something unexpected happens. Furthermore, open contact with customers during times of stress and tight deadlines is tremendously advantageous for both the VA and the client in ensuring that all work is accomplished to the highest standards. Such work practices can help a virtual assistant build a positive personal reputation. It represents a VA’s attitude, work habits, and discipline, as well as their dependability.

Final Takeaway

Becoming a virtual assistant is a fantastic opportunity for artists, parents, and just about anyone looking for a side hustle. To be successful, you may step up to writing, though. You must be a certain type of person! These attributes are excellent gauge of the person who would thrive in a remote workplace as an assistant, whether you want to be a VA or you’re interviewing an applicant for your company. But if being a VA is not a fit, you can check out these online business ideas for you!


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