4 Billion Baht Budget To Tackle HIV & STDs In Thailand’s Teens


4 Billion Baht Budget to Tackle HIV & STDs in Thailand’s Teens



(CTN News) – According to the Thai government, teens are more likely to contract STDs and HIV infection than adults, which is why a budget of nearly four million baht was approved for the issue.

Ratchada Thanadirek, Deputy Spokeswoman of the PM Office, revealed that teenagers and young adults are more likely to contract HIV, STDs, especially gonorrhea.

Most of the HIV cases in Thailand are 15-24 years old, according to Ratchada

Ratchada said Thailand had 520,000 Virus cases last year, which is expected to increase by 6,500 this year, and most of these people would be 15-24 years old.

To care for Virus and Aids patients, the government approved a budget of 3.9 billion baht for the National Health Security Office.

AIDS and STDs will launch an official account named “Stand by you” on the Line application to allow people to ask questions about HIV and Aids, request free tests, and request medications.

Ratchada said the government planned to control HIV spread by 2030.

It was hoped that the official Line account would improve access to HIV tests and information about Human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome and Aids, especially among teenagers.

Teenagers would become more aware of the dangers of these diseases as a result.

Additionally, the government wants to emphasize the benefits of condom use.

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