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30 Houses Destroyed In Bangkok’s Bon Kai Community Razed By Fire

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(CTN News) – In Bangkok’s Pathumwan district, about 30 houses were gutted by fire yesterday. Locals whose homes were destroyed were housed in a temporary shelter near a community center and were provided with relief services.

As a result of the smoke inhalation, four locals were injured, and traffic in the area was closed in order to help a bedridden patient reach King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital.

While the closest fire station is only 600 meters from the community, the narrow roads and lanes in the community made it difficult for fire trucks to reach the scene, according to Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt.

Despite that, Chadchart said that firefighters were able to reach the area quickly and put out the fire in less than two hours. There were more than ten fire trucks and some ambulances on the scene.


About 12,000 people live on about 2.4 hectares of land in Bangkok’s central neighborhood of Bon Kai, where the fire broke out. As firefighters and rescuers arrived on the scene, they found that the fire had started at a wooden house and spread to other wooden houses nearby.

Bangkok Community Help Foundation volunteers also arrived to assist locals affected by the fire. Yesterday, the foundation tweeted that it had provided 500 meals and water to firefighters and residents.

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