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26-Year-old Woman Dies after Receiving Her First Vaccine Shot

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A 26-year-old woman has died after receiving her first shot of China’s Sinovac vaccine that she received on September 24th.

Her mother said her daughter suffered from a fever, exhaustion and tight chest after her vaccination. Saying her symptoms just grew worse and worse.

On Oct 12th, she was admitted to the hospital but was asked by staff to return the next day. Two days later, she was hospitalized again and her condition worsened. She died in hospital on Monday. Doctors said she died of internal infections and low blood pressure.

Her mother has blamed the Sinovac vaccine for her daughter’s death. Saying she was extremely healthy prior to the vaccine shot and had no underlying health issues.

Last week a 20-year-old student died, 10 days after receiving his first dose of the Sinopharm vaccine from China. He died of heart failure at the hospital.

The student’s uncle said that three days after getting the Sinopharm vaccine shot his nephew developed diarrhea, vomited and began shivering. About 2 am the young student went into shock and became comatose and died that morning.

Thailand stops using Sinovac vaccine

Meanwhile, on Monday Thailand’s health department said it will stop using China’s Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine once the current stock has been used.

The Thai government has used the inferior Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine extensively in Thailand.

When doctors in China and other nations revealed that the Sinova vaccine was ineffective against the delta variant, health officials combined the Sinovac vaccine with Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines.

Thailand’s Health Ministry has used over 31.5 million Sinovac vaccine doses since February. The Ministry gave two doses to frontline workers, high-risk groups prior to the delta variant of covid-19 which immerged in March.

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