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101 How To Buy Land In Metaverse 2022.



buy land in metaverse

Easiest Methods On How To Buy Decentraland Land

1. Visit OR message to

2. Click on Marketplace to purchase your land from the options therein.

3. On the left side of the portal, scroll down to click on available Lands.

4. Opt for the filter that you most desire (e.g. Newest, Oldest, Lowest worth, Highest Price) for parcels and estates.

5. Choose the plot of land that catches your eye and click on purchase.

6. Once you click purchase, a marketplace will be taking you to the property listing to see available properties. Then you need to link your funded Metamask to confirm your order by payment on the ethereum blockchain.

7. Pay attention to the bid when it opens and closes on your preferred platform for the best supply as you’ll have to outbid to get the seller’s attention. ( can help simplify this hectic process) by sending a message requesting they help with all logistics and bidding processes for the best choice of yours and all you simply need to do is send a message to

8. Next, input the proportion of funds you wish to supply in SAND (make sure you’ve got enough SAND in your Metamask or you’ll need to send a message to for assistance).

9. Choose however long you wish your supply to last: three days, seven days or even a month. If you like, you’ll be able to set a custom date. Click on build supply. Or you can easily send a message to for assistance.

10. Finally, you must see your supply seem beneath Offers. If you follow all instructions by correctly, then your purchase request gets accepted, you’ll be notified via email thereafter.

How To Buy Sandbox Land

  1. . Go to: AND send a message to;
  2. . Click on your choice of platform to buy decentraland or sandbox land on metaverse land.
  3. . On the top left panel, scroll right down to NFT sort and click on metaverse Lands.
  4. . Send a message to and indicate the filter that most closely fits your desires from the options provided to you on the dashboard service provider (e.g.Location, Newest, Oldest, Lowest value, Highest Price) Choose the plot of land that catches your eye and click on to obtain.

How To Buy Virtual Land In Metaverse Properties

Land sales on metaverse real estates are a virtual world parcel of land that offers services for buying virtual land and buying virtual real estate as well. Next, you need to fund it with either SAND (for Sandbox plots) or MANA for (Decentraland properties), mostly are Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies.

Once your Metamask notecase is sufficiently funded, you’re able to buy virtual property. First, let’s dive into a way to purchase plots on Sandbox.

Did you know that Snoop Dogg and Steve Aoki own premium lands in Sandbox? A plot of land located between these 2 celebrities is presently on sale for a cool $2.5 million and the bid for the land is being concluded shortly while more than 87 persons have shown interest in purchasing the land using the metaverse investment platform.

That’s pretty steep — and you won’t even get to spy on Snoop as he grabs his mail nor watch your mansion shake violently as Aoki practices a DJ set.

Decentraland MarketPlace

1. Attend OR send a message to

2. Go to trade and click on the metaverse platforms marketplace.

3. Click on check, followed by a wallet Connect for payment.

4. Click on Metamask, this can permit the website to check the funds you sent for confirmation.

Note: If you get a “Could not connect error,” click on the Metamask icon on Google Chrome and click on on Next followed by Connect otherwise, you can find a simple alternative payment by the customer service at

5. Click onto the land (located on the top-left corner) after crypto wallet payment using the required fungible tokens.

6. You’ll land on a page that shows you a map of Land on Decentraland (all the plots that are on sale are highlighted on the platform).

7. Click on a preferred plot of land that is worth your budget and make thousands of dollars payment for the land just like in real world.

8. Click on purchase and follow the instructions to the plot of land.

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Investors are paying millions for virtual land in the metaverse on OR a message to ‘’ ‘’


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