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Mumbai: Confirmed Measles Outbreak In Govandi



Mumbai: Confirmed Measles Outbreak In Govandi

(CTN NEWS) – BMC officials confirmed that an outbreak of the contagious measles occurred in Govandi a day after mid-day reported that the three children from Rafi Nagar in Govandi who died in 48 hours may have had measles.

In response to this newspaper’s coverage on November 7, the BMC health department alerted all healthcare facilities to report measles cases.

Three children, Hasnain Khan, 5, Noorain Khan, 3.5, and Fazal Khan, 1, all living in gully no 7, Baba Nagar, Rafi Nagar in M East ward, died between 26 and 27 October.

The BMC spoke with the families of the deceased and recorded their medical histories. Both families reported that their children had fevers and rashes.

Mumbai: Confirmed Measles Outbreak In Govandi

BMC officials carry out a door-to-door survey to detect measles at Rafi Nagar in Govandi on Tuesday

In the near vicinity, the civic body has intensified efforts to track suspected cases. In Rafi Nagar, a suspected case of measles was detected on October 14, and six cases have been confirmed.

In a survey conducted by the BMC,” On Tuesday, 914 houses were surveyed, 4,086 people were screened, and 13 suspects with fevers and rashes were identified.

As a result of the incident, we have written to all health posts, local practitioners, and a private hospital asking them to report measles cases to their respective health officers.”

Many measle cases may have gone unreported, as with the three children who died. According to an official investigating the matter,

“The children had gone to a clinic, but the doctor could not identify the disease and report it to us. Otherwise, we have reached the family.”

“There are measles outbreaks in the M East ward and a few other wards,” said executive health officer Dr. Mangala Gomare. We monitor the instances and have instructed the ward officers to be vigilant.

“A measles outbreak was observed in Dharavi last month as well. Six cases in all were reported. There are perhaps 12–15 outbreaks in the city, excluding Dharavi.”
Vaccination is key to preventing measles, said Dr Tanu Singhal, consultant in pediatrics and infectious diseases at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital.

It is necessary to take the first dose of MMR at nine months and the second dose at 15 months. The symptoms of measles usually include fever, eye discharge, colds, and coughs.

A person gets a rash on the fourth day of a fever. First, it appears behind the ears, then spreads to the rest of the body and quickly disappears. Individuals suspected of having measles should isolate themselves.

There is a possibility that some patients will develop complications such as pneumonia, ear infection, malnutrition, and tuberculosis.”

Measles: what is it?

Measles is typically spread through direct contact or the air and is caused by a virus of the paramyxovirus family. Viral infections spread throughout the body through the respiratory tract.

Who is at risk?

Not vaccinated children are at the greatest risk of measles and its complications, including death. Unvaccinated pregnant women are also at risk. Infected persons can be non-immune (those who have not been vaccinated or who have been vaccinated but have not developed immunity).

Tuesday, the number of Rafi Nagar residents screened for measles. 4,086


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