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Jealous Woman Cuts Off Her Lovers Penis and Flushes it Down the Toilet

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Woman Cuts off Her Lovers Penis and Flushes it Down the Toilet

A jealous woman in Taiwan has cut off her lover’s penis and flushed it down the toilet over suspicions of him cheating on her. The jealous woman, identified as Phung, attacked her lover with scissors when he was sleeping.

Ms Phung allegedly snipped off her man’s penis and flushed it down the toilet “so he couldn’t use it again”.

According to the Taipei Times, the man, known only by his last name Huang, woke up in incredible pain and realized his manhood had been severed. He said he dozed off after eating a bowl of chicken noodles soaked in wine and woke from a deep slumber bleeding extensively.

Huang said nearly a fifth of his penis had been cut off and his girlfriend had thought it best to flush it down the toilet to keep it from being reattached.

Woman Cuts off Her Lovers Penis and Flushes it Down the Toilet

Implant an artificial penis

The victim was taken by ambulance to the nearby Changhua Christian Hospital in Taipei where medics operated to stop the bleeding. Attending doctors confirmed that about 1.5 centimeters had been cut off from the end of Huang’s penis but his scrotum and testicles were still intact.

However, the doctors had to repair the urethra for urine release, doctors reported.

The medical team reassured Huang that he “is not in any deadly danger”. In fact, he was still able to walk during the time first responders came to his home.

“The main length of the patient’s manhood could not be found and could not be reattached. The remaining part is insufficient to engage in sexual intercourse, therefore the best way is to implant an artificial penis,” Hospital deputy director Chou Chih-chung said.

“He will need further reconstructive surgery and also psychological counseling.” Chou added. Meanwhile, police are investigating whether his 40-year-old Vietnamese girlfriend Phung, may have spiked his food with sleeping pills or other drugs.

Officers were able to recover a large pair of bloodstained scissors that was dropped just outside the couple’s house.

Phung later turned herself in and is facing charges of aggravated assault.

The couple had been living together for around 10 months but Phung, a divorcee, had long been suspicious about her boyfriend cheating. Huang has also previously been married three times and has three children.

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