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Indonesian Authorities Bust Six Foreigners for Drug Smuggling




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Indonesian authorities have arrested six foreigners for allegedly trying to smuggle drugs onto the tourist island of Bali. A Swiss man, a Thai man, a Singaporean woman, a Chilean man and two Hong Kong men.

They were paraded with their feet and hands tied at a news conference in Denpasar, the capital of Bali province.

The customs spokesman for the Bali said the suspects were arrested separately since last month upon arrival at the airport.

The Swiss man was arrested on Nov 4 with a total of 30.04g of marijuana in his luggage. Two days later, customs officers nabbed the Thai man with 17.76g of marijuana concealed in his underwear.

He said the Singaporean woman was captured Nov 14 after an immigration officer found 0.35g of cocaine inside her passport. While the Chilean man was nabbed two weeks later with 77.26g of liquid methamphetamine in his suitcase.

The Hong Kong man was arrested on Dec 4 with 3.2kg of crystal meth in his luggage. Another man from Hong Kong native was captured with drugs last week. He had 4kg of crystal meth wrapped in pet food packaging in his luggage.

Smuggling Drugs Holds Death Penalty

More than 150 people are currently on death row, mostly for drug crimes in Indonesia. About one-third of them are foreigners, Asia One reports.

In May, a Frenchman was sentenced to death for smuggling 3kg of Ecstasy. However a higher court commuted his sentence to 19 years in prison.

Last month, a court in Bali sentenced two Thais to 16-year prison terms for smuggling 1kg of methamphetamine.

Indonesia has extremely strict laws against drugs, and convicted smugglers are sometimes executed by firing squad.

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