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Government Staffers Performed Sex Acts in Australia’s Parliament



Scott Morrison’s conservative government is facing another major scandal after video footage surfaced of sex acts in Australia’s parliament. Leaked videos of staff from Morrison’s conservative government performing sex acts in parliament, including one man masturbating over a female MP’s desk.

According to reports by Ten Network television news, several male staffers for the ruling coalition had set up a Facebook Messenger group in which they shared images and video of sex acts performed in Parliament House, including on the desks of female politicians.

A whistleblower, identified only as Tom, told the news outlets that government staffers and MPs often used a Parliament House prayer room to have sex, and alleged that sex workers had been brought into the building “for the pleasure of coalition MPs”.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he was “shocked and disgusted”. “It’s just absolutely shameful,” he said.

Staffers routinely swapped explicit photos

“Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Morrison – who is already under pressure for his handling of sexual assault allegations involving members of his staff – called the behaviour “absolutely shameful” and pledged to do more to attract women to politics.

His comments came hours after The Australian newspaper and Channel 10 reported that several staff had set up a Facebook Messenger group that enabled them to share images and video of sex acts performed in Australia’s Parliament House.

He also said a group of staffers routinely swapped explicit photos of themselves and he received so many he had “become immune to it”.

He said there was a “culture of men thinking that they can do whatever they want” and while he did not think the staffers had broken any laws, “morally, they are bankrupt”.

One aide was immediately fired and the government has promised further action.

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