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At least 36 People have been Killed After a Factory Fire Broke Out in Central China



At least 36 People have been Killed After a Factory Fire Broke Out in Central China

(CTN News) – According to local officials and state media in China, a fire that started at a workshop in the city of Anyang in the Henan province of central China has resulted in at least 36 deaths.

According to state media claims, two more persons were hurt, and two more went missing. On Monday at about 4 p.m. local time (08:00 p.m. GMT), the fire started, and it took firemen roughly four hours to put it out.

According to a government statement, more than 200 rescuers and 60 firemen battled the flames, and there were also psychologists on the site for the victims’ relatives.

State media said that the fire started at a facility belonging to a tiny, privately held company in Anyang’s “high-tech zone” without going into more detail about the nature of the business.

The firm, Kaixinda, was advertised as a distributor dealing in a variety of industrial commodities, including what were referred to as specialized chemicals, according to online ads for the company.

China has a history of industrial mishaps, often brought on by a lack of adherence to safety regulations in a sometimes quite competitive setting.

Direct reasons are often listed as inadequate storage conditions, closed exits, and a shortage of firefighting supplies.

A chemical plant explosion in Yancheng, around 260 kilometres (162 miles) north of Shanghai, caused 78 fatalities and extensive property damage in a kilometre radius surrounding the blast in March 2019.

On Monday, November 21, 2022, rescuers assemble at the fire scene at an industrial wholesaler in Anyang, Henan Province, central China, as seen in this still image taken from video footage broadcast by China’s CCTV. In the Henan Province of central China, a fire at a business that sells chemicals and other industrial products has claimed the lives of several dozen people. (AP via CCTV)

One of China’s deadliest industrial catastrophes occurred in 2015 when a massive explosion at a chemical storage in northern Tianjin resulted in 165 fatalities.

Numerous fatal instances in Henan itself resulted in the detention of local leaders.

Five persons were detained after a building collapse that killed 53 people in April on the outskirts of the provincial capital Changsha.

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