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60 Snakes Found In Bathroom, Released Into Forest

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(CTN News) – In an extremely horrifying incident, a house in Uttar Pradesh Muzaffarnagar was home to 60 snakes, India, turned into a snake’s nest after 75 snake eggs were discovered in its bathroom, according to India Today. 

The bathroom was found to contain nearly 60 snakes. As a result of hours of effort, snake catchers were able to capture some of the reptiles which were later released into the forest.

According to reports, the house, located in Khatauli tehsil of the district, has been rented out for some time now.

The snakes started to appear in the house as of Wednesday, coming out of the bathroom. Snake charmers were called to the scene and crushed the bathroom floor. It was discovered that there were 60 snakes and 75 eggshells on the floor when we broke the floor.

Residents of the area are blaming the incident on a poor drainage system.

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