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Wuhan Virus Fears Stop Rescuers from Handling Chinese Man’s Body

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The body of a Chinese man who fell to his death from a Bangkok hotel on Friday was left at the scene for more than six hours because rescuers were afraid of contracting the Wuhan virus if they handled it.

The 39-year-old Chinese man fell from the sixth floor of a building in Bangkok, said Pol Lt Col Khanittha Thepnual, from the Makkasan police station. who was alerted at around 12.30pm.

Police, Hospital and rescue workers who arrived at the scene found the body of the Chinese man lying face-down on a path beside the hotel. Pieces of broken glass were scattered over the area, Thai media reported.

Police officer worried about Wuhan virus

Police Station

Police said the man had been staying in a room on the sixth floor. A search of the room found many face masks, along with a broken mobile phone on the floor.

A hotel security guard told police that he heard a loud noise, like a large object striking glass. He looked around and initially didn’t see anything. He then saw pieces of broken glass falling to the ground, followed by a the Chinese man.

According to a police officer that the Chinese man had arrived in Thailand alone on March 5th. He had checked into the hotel on Thursday alone.

Rescue workers feared contamination

Wuahn Virus

Due to Wuhan virus fears a police officer tried contacting the Department of Disease Control to send officials to inspect the body. The officer was concerned as the man was from Fujian province. Fujian is an area with high Wuhan virus infections risk. However, the police officers request was rejected.

Rescue workers also were not sure how to proceed and were concerned about Wuhan Virus contamination.

Ramathibodi Hospital was given the job of examining the body but didn’t have protective gear for its personnel. It wasn’t until 7pm when staff in full protective suits showed up to take the body for autopsy.

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