Tour Guide Becomes Thailand 41st Case Of Covid-19 Coronavirus

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Tour Guide Becomes Thailand 41st Case of Covid-19 Coronavirus



A Thai tour guide who returned recently from South Korea has become Thailand’s latest Covid-19 coronavirus patient. Consequently raising the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Thailand to 41.

Dr Sukum Karnchanapimai, permanent secretary for health, said on Friday the 25-year-old man sought treatment for a fever and cough on Tuesday.

A test confirmed he was infected with novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19). He consequently was transferred to the Bamrasnaradura Infectious Diseases Institute in Nonthaburi province.

Health officials had already contacted two people in close contact with him and were looking for others in the tour group. Also passengers on the same flight back to Thailand from South Korea, Dr Sukum said.

Meanwhile, another Covid-19 coronavirus patient in Thailand has fully recovered and been discharged. The 30-year-old Chinese man had been treated at the Central Chest Institute of Thailand in Nonthaburi. His discharge raised the number of fully recovered patients to 28, Dr Sukum said.

Thirteen patients also remain in hospitals, including two critically ill cases at the Bamrasnaradura Infectious Diseases Institute. Both had already tested negative for Covid-19 coronavirus. Doctors are now waiting for their physical condition to improve, Dr Sukum said.

According to the Bangkok Post, from Jan 3 to Feb 27, patients under investigation for the coronavirus numbered 2,437. Of which 1,446 recovered and were discharged. Most of them had seasonal influenza not the coronavirus. Furthermore 991 people remained at hospitals.

Global Covid-19 cases stood at 82,794 in 50 countries with also 2,817 deaths. The figures included 78,514 cases and 2,747 deaths in China, according to the Public Health Ministry.


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