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Toilet Fees to be Scrapped at all Bus Terminals in Thailand

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Department of Land Transport chief Sanit Promwong said on Thursday Bus Passengers will soon be able to use toilets and the Toilet seats free of charge at all bus terminals across the country. With charges already scrapped at 70 of the 117 depots.

Chief Sanit Promwong said that ending the system of charging to use toilet facilities is part of a campaign to improve cleanliness at bus terminals. And also meet hygiene standards set by the Public Health Ministry.

It was also in line with government policy to ensure convenience for travellers, both local and foreign. Entry fees have already been ended for toilets at 70 of the 117 bus terminals nationwide, said Mr Sanit.

Facilities at the remaining 47 bus terminals were still being run by private companies under state contracts, who were entitled to charge, he added. The department was working on this, and would accelerate the lifting of all charges.

At the same time as ending charges, sanitation was being improved at toilets at all bus terminals, he said. The department would ensure there were adequate numbers of toilets to serve passengers.

The department has designed standard restrooms for bus terminals, to be used as guidelines in repairing, improving or building new ones.

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