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Thailand’s Immigration to Assists Tourists Stranded on Foreign Yachts



Thailand’s Immigration Bureau reports its expediting the processing of travel documents of tourists aboard more than 10 foreign yachts that are stranded in international waters. The processing of travel documents will allow them entry into Thailand.

Pol Maj Gen Achayon Kraithong, Thailand’s Immigration Bureau deputy commander, said more than 10 yachts off Thailand’s coast have asked for permission to let tourists, mostly from Singapore and Malaysia, come ashore in Thailand.

On Oct 28, Thailand’s cabinet approved guidelines for foreign tourists and crews of foreign yachts. The approval was under a special tourist visa (STV) scheme created to restart Thailand’s pandemic-battered tourism industry.

Pol Maj Gen Achayon said that the immigration bureau was checking their travel documents. Saying the yachts that get permission to enter will be allowed to dock in Phuket and Pattaya.

Foreign yachts that have not yet left ports in countries with low risk of Covid-19 transmission have to contact Thai embassies or consulates in those countries for permission to enter Thailand, Pol Maj Gen Achayon said.

The Foreign Ministry will then issue certificates of eligibility to the tourists to hand to immigration officers, he said.

STV Applications for Foreign Yachts

Applications for the Special Tourist Visa (STV) from tourists and crews of foreign yachts can be made within 30 days after the announcement, and is available through until 30 September, 2021.

The Special Tourist Visa (STV) allows for a 90-day stay in the Kingdom. It can be extended twice for a further 90 days each time. The STV costs 2,000 Baht and each extension is an additional 2,000 Baht.

Beach resorts that attract foreign yachts travelers and crew to visit or spend their long holidays all year round in Thailand include Pattaya City in the Gulf of Thailand, and Phuket in the Andaman Sea.

The visa is currently only available for tourists and crews of foreign yachts from a low-risk country according to the Ministry of Public Health. However, foreign tourists and yacht crew members who arrived in Thai waters prior to the country’s declaration of a state of emergency in March are also eligible to apply for the STV.

Tourists and crew members must comply with the necessary COVID-19 control and preventive measures. They will be required to quarantine aboard their vessel for 14 days and be tested three times for COVID-19 before they can travel in Thailand.

They must also have health insurance covering COVID-19 treatment, with a minimum coverage of US$ 100,000 for the duration of their stay in Thailand, plus a travel insurance with 40,000 Baht insurance coverage for out-patient medical services and 400,000 Baht insurance coverage for in-patient medical services.

Interested applicants are recommended to enquire at the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in their home country for more details.




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