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Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister General Prawit Say’s Wristwatch Case is Over



BANGKOK – Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister (Rolex General) Prawit Wongsuwon said today that the controversy regarding the 22 luxury wristwatches and his diamond ring that he was seen wearing on different occasion was over now that the case is in the hands of the National Anti-Corruption Commission.

At its meeting on Thursday (March 29), the NACC ruled that further probe was needed to determine the owner or owners of the 22 brandname wristwatches with investigators concerned trying to get information about the watches from ten dealers in Thailand who are yet to provide information to the graft-busting agency.

The NACC also ruled that the diamond ring Gen Prawit inherited the diamond ring from his parent and there was no need for it to be declared because it was worth less than 100,000 baht.

Reiterating his earlier claim that the 22 wristwatches were borrowed from a friend who was already dead and the ring was inherited from his father, Gen Prawit expressed confidence that the case was over and the next step is for the probe panel to find more information from the watch dealers.

“Fact is fact.  It was the media which made up the controversy,” said the deputy prime minister.

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