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Thailand’s Defence Ministry to Overhaul Military Courts Nationwide to Boost Public Confidence

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BANGKOK – Thailand’s Gen Nat Intaracharoen, permanent secretary for defence, has announced he is launching a project to upgrade military courts nationwide to boost public confidence in them.

Gen Nat Intaracharoen, said the upgrade is in line with the national reform plan and Thailand’s 20-year national strategy, a source at the Defence Ministry said.

At a meeting of military court judges on Oct 24, last year, Gen Nat stressed the need to improve public trust in military courts, the source said.

It was agreed that an initial batch of 23 military courts in various regions of the country, including the Bangkok Military Court, will serve as models for other military courts nationwide to follow.

The Judge Advocate General, Adm Preecha Chamcharoen, and Lt Gen Prachapat Wajanarat, chief of the Military Judicial Office, have been assigned to carry out the project.

A number of guidelines have been set including the training for personnel and making it easier for members of the public to contact the courts.

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