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Thailand, US Armies Build School Under Pacific Partnership Project 2019

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CHONBURI – The Royal Thai Army (RTA) and the US Army has launched the Pacific Partnership Project 2019 to exchange knowledge among experts in the field of medical work and necessary construction project, enhance experience in and familiarity with procedures and methods of coordination of humanitarian assistance and disaster relief of allies and international organizations.

Important activities under the project include humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HA / DR), medical and nursing training and community development training.

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The RTA and the US Army constructed Surasak School for local communities. The school is 20.5 meters wide and 7.5 meters long. The Pacific Partnership project has been operated since 2004 after the tsunami in the Indian Ocean which has caused enormous damage to many countries in Southeast Asia.

The countries in the Asia Pacific region have jointly conducted the operation to provide humanitarian assistance to victims of marine disasters with the United States as the main host. This mission has participants from 22 allies around the world and 18 other host countries in the region.

It is aimed at creating and fostering relationships as well as improving the stability of the region. They have constructed a multi-purpose building at Surasak School and it will be used as a library.

Surasak School still lack buildings and a library which is the children’s learning resource. People in the communities and educational working groups provided them with moral support by cooking food for the Thai and US military teams.

By Supawadee Wangsri

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