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Thai Customs Introduces New Conveyor Belt X-Ray Machines

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BANGKOK – Thailand’s Airport Customs Departments will get conveyor belt X-ray machines up and running by the end of this year, enabling it to scan all luggage in search of illegal items and brand-name items smuggled in to avoid paying taxes and to resell.

Customs Department director-general Krissada Jinawicharana said on Friday that his agency had just received and installed 23 conveyor belt X-ray machines at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport, which would be in use later this year.

The conveyor belt X-ray machines can scan all checked-in luggage and help officials detect illegal items such as narcotics or goods being smuggled in to avoid paying taxes.

Until now, luggage has been randomly opened and searched, he said.

The agency will also develop an artificial intelligence system to link conveyor belt X-ray machine images with those from their counterparts in Asean countries in a move to boost effectiveness, he added.

Source: The Nation


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