Prayuth Orders Stricter Safety During Loy Kratong Festival

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Prayuth Orders Stricter Safety During Loy Kratong Festival



Loy Krathong Festival, November 5, 6 and 7, 2014

Loy Krathong Festival, November  2014

BANGKOK – Prime Minister General Prayuth Chan-ocha has called on relevant agencies to step up surveillance to ensure safety ahead of Loy Kratong Festival.

In a televised speech to the public, PM Prayuth said that he had instructed the Ministry of Interior, the Royal Thai Police, the Ministry of Transport, and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, as well as local administrative bodies to keep patrolling spots where Loy Kratong celebrations will be held.

Since the celebration is performed near rivers, safety and rescue operation is a prime concern. The premier called on agencies in charge to inspect all piers, and to check rescue equipment prior to the festival.

To make sure that the security and safety measures implemented will be effective, General Prayuth has ordered inspections of fireworks factories and shops, threatening to impose tough penalties on those failing to abide by the regulations stated in the permits.

Entertainment venues found to allowed minors to enter or operate later than usual will be held responsible if anything goes wrong. PM Prayuth also suggested that parents have a role in watching over their children and that loss preventive campaigns should become a habit so that the country can spend the money on the country’s development instead.


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