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Online Sex Services ‘Booming in Thailand’



Bangkok police raid a spa on Wednesday night and detain nine prostitutes, including three under 18 years of age.

CHIANG RAI – According to an article in the Bangkok Post online prostitution has become increasingly open and ubiquitous in Thailand – just type in or paste “ขายตัว” (kai tua, meaning prostitution or selling oneself in Thai) into the Facebook search engine and a long list of digital “mamasans” will appear in the result page.

One of the new and popular pimps in the cyber world goes under the name “ขายตัวราคากันเอง” (Prostitution at Friendly Prices). It has been open since December and already has more than 16,400 “likes”.

Its message board contains a phone contact of the mamasan, prices and conditions and many sexually explicit messages from predominantly male netizens, apparently.

Facebook users can find a list of more than 15 women, aged between 13 and 36, along with their names, photos and “skills in bed” in the message board.

The prices range from 1,000 to 5,000 baht for each service, which can last as long as 12 hours, the page says.

When a Post reporter phoned a mamasan on Wednesday, a woman answered and told him that if he wanted to buy a 13-year-old girl’s service he had to transfer 3,000 baht to her bank account via ATM. The caller would then have to pay another 1,500 baht to the escort after the service.

The phone conversation went as follows:

“Can the escort travel outside Bangkok and do I have pay for her travel?”

“Yes she can. You can transfer half of the travel expenses to me.”

“Are you sure she’s 13 and what can she do?”

“She’s absolutely 13. You can check. All our escorts are confident and free of diseases. If you want to use the service today transfer the money via ATM now. Once transferred, we’ll send an SMS for confirmation. Don’t fear that our escorts are ‘knocked around’, they’re all fresh.”

When the reporter asked the pimp whether this was a scam, she said, “If you’re afraid then don’t bother because many people want to use our services.”

The report said online prostitution in Thailand has become easier and less expensive than going to massage parlours as a client can stay with an escort for 12 hours.

Santipat Prommajul, deputy commander of the Technology Crime Suppression Division, said police were not being idle, particularly in respect of online prostitution.

“The online sex trade violates the Criminal Code and the Computer Act but we cannot make an arrest because they are just showing pictures,” Pol Lt Col Santipat said.

He said a team of police had investigated the Prostitution at Friendly Prices page and other similar sites, and will carry out sting operations to crack down on them.

In the cyber world, prostitutes do not have to sit and wait for their clients at certain places, he added.

Meanwhile, Bangkok police raided a spa on Vibhavadi-Rangsit Road on Wednesday night and detained nine prostitutes, including three under 18-year-olds.

Napanwut Liamsanguan, the superintendent of the Children and Women Protection Sub-Division, announced the arrest of Theerasak Yaemtawee, manager of the Check-in shop, after police received a tip that he ran the spa as a front for prostitution.

Four of the prostitutes found on the premises were over the age of 18, but three were under 18, and two were from Myanmar.

Pol Col Napanwut said the shop opened without a licence and its owner has been charged with child prostitution.


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