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Masked Men Attack School in Buriram Province



12 men approach the school in the bed of a pick up truck (LEFT)


BURIRAM – On March 11th a nursing school in Buriram was attacked in the early morning hours by a group of 10 masked men wielding machetes.  The nursing school is an all female institution for local 15 and 16 year old girls in the Buriram Province.   It is believed the motivation behind the attack was to lower moral and intimidate the all female institution.

As you can see in the video above, the group of 10 men approach the school in the bed of a pick up truck.  As the female students start to flea, an administrator armed with a handgun emerges from the building sending all 10 assailants fleeing in various directions.

None of the students were hurt in the attack but three of the attackers ended up in local hospitals.  Police later collected four knives and several spent bullets at the scene. After checks, they found three of the attackers at the Buri Ram Central Hospital.

One unidentified man succumbed to a fatal injury, while the other two are under police custody.

Thai Police were also able to identify the license plate of the pick up truck.  An investigation is underway to detain the rest of the attackers involved, all of whom are believed to be teenagers hired by a larger organizer.

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