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Korean Woman Falls to her Death in Pattaya Thailand

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Police have reported that a South Korean woman has fallen to her death at a condominium building in Pattaya.

Police reported a Korean woman aged between 25-30 years-old was found lying behind a black car parked near the building. The condo was located on Pattaya Sai Song Road, in Bang Lamung district.

Khanapong Meela, 39, a security guard at the condominium, told police he heard a sound like something hitting the ground. He hurried to check it out and was shocked to see the woman lying unconscious on the ground. Upon seeking the Korean woman’s body he called police.


The man assumed she had plummeted from the building above, but did not know which floor she may have fallen from. Police investigators had yet to conclude whether it was an accident, a suicide or murder.

Police also found clump of hair found about one meter from the body was collected as evidence.

The officers were examining closed-circuit television footage and awaiting the results of a postmortem examination.

The clump of the hair would be examined to find out whether it belonged to the Korean woman or not, police said.

Source: Bangkok Post

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