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Injured False Killer Whale Rescued in Pattaya Thailand

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A faulse killer whale was rescued after it washed ashore on a Pattaya beach on Wednesday night in Bang Lamung district, authorities said yesterday.

Officials said the whale, which weighs 300kg and is 3.4 metres long, had a number of injuries and had also suffered severe trauma. The Killer whale was immediately taken from the beach to the Royal Thai Navy’s Sea Turtles Conservation Centre for treatment.

Jirayu Wanphusit, 34, who first spotted the whale, said he was fishing off the coast in Pattaya on Wednesday night. The whale swallowed his bait and tried to pull his fishing rod into the sea. He said the whale had many injuries.

Mr Jirayu reported the sighting to authorities.

false killer whale

Meanwhile, tourists visiting Bangbao Bay, on Koh Kood Island off Thailand’s eastern province of Trat, have been asked to exercise caution while swimming in the sea. The cautioning comes after a false killer whale was spotted swimming near the beach.

Officials from a local research centre and volunteers were deployed to try to ease the mammal away from the beach. However their efforts were in vain as it kept swimming back inshore.

The officials eventually gave up and sought to warn tourists and speed boats to exercise caution.

Officials said that the creature might have become separated from a pod, recently sighted near Koh Kood Island.


Source: Bangkok Post, Mgr Online

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