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Hundreds of Pigs Killed after Transport Truck Crashes in Central Thailand



Hundreds of Pigs Killed after Transport Truck Crashes in Central Thailand

Police in central Thailand have reported that hundreds of pigs were killed when a transport truck flipped  in an auto accident. A truck transporting the pigs flipped over in central Thailand’s  Pathum Thani province on Thursday.

The accident site was like something out of a horror film, with baby pigs screaming in pain and others lying dead.

The truck driver did not sustain too many injuries and the vehicle was removed at 8am by police from the nearby Khu Bang Luang Police Station

Officers believe the driver fell asleep behind the wheel and ran into a concrete barrier. The impact of which made the truck flip. The driver faces charges of reckless driving.

Pig price plunges in Thailand

Meanwhile, live pig price in Thailand fell 6% to $2.4/kg in October as its live pig exports to Vietnam were disrupted by floods that hit the country’s central region. Coupled with the slow demand for pork during the vegetarian festival, the pig price in Thailand is expected to drop further in the fourth quarter.

Thai pig farmers used to gain $2.8/kg from selling their pigs to exporters in the third quarter of the year when live pig exports from Thailand to Vietnam were at their peak. But the farmers in Thailand are unlikely to reap the windfall in the future as the stock of pigs in Vietnam is being replenished from imports of gilts, piglets, and commercial pigs imported from the country. It is expected that the pig price in Thailand would plunge further until the end of the year or even more.

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