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Thai FDA Gets Tough on Health Product Importers and Promoters



Health product importers

Thai Consumer Protection Police and the FDA have investigated importers of illegal and dangerous health products and arrested more than 500 people. While 250,000 online advertisements were also banned.

“The police are gathering evidence to arrest more,” Dr Paisarn said on Sunday.

Forty per cent of complaints submitted by consumers stemmed from claims in social media advertisements.  Claims which overstated the benefits of food supplements, medical equipment, cosmetics and drugs.

He said one advertisement for an electric body massaging machine was found to have misled readers into believing it was a quality product with a high value. It was advertised with a heavily discounted price to entice customers, yet its drug license had not been issued.

“There are many online drug stores which are engaging in illegal conduct,” Dr Paisarn said. “Drugs cannot be legally sold through online stores because their effects might put the lives of consumers at risk.

“It is impossible to investigate every online product. Health products are a sensitive issue because, if the product is fake or expired, it may cause death to consumers.”

Consumers who want to avoid buying health products should ensure the product has an FDA registration license. A license which guarantees its status, he told the Bangkok Post.

If consumers find they have bought poor quality drugs, they can file a complaint with local police or the FDA. The FDA can then track the seller. He said the best option was to buy health products through drug stores.

The FDA has also warned shops against selling these illegal products. Adding that the drug agency was working closely with police to protect consumers.

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