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Foreigners in Thailand Urged to Renew Visas Before Sept 26 Deadline



Thailand’s Immigration Bureau has urged foreigners to renew their visas before the end of an exemption which falls on Sept 26. Commissioner of the Immigration Bureau Sompong Chingduang said foreigners in the kingdom should contact immigration offices early to avoid overcrowding close to the deadline.

Thailand earlier announced an exemption for foreigners whose visas expired. Above all so they could legally stay in the country until Sept 26, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Short-term and long-term visa holders must contact immigration offices. When the visas are renewed by Sept 26, the validity of the renewed visa would start from Sept 27, he said.

Pol Lt Gen Sompong told the Bangkok Post all short-term visa holders must leave the country by Sept 26.

For those who cannot leave, due to flight unavailability or Covid-19 pandemic in their home country, they would need certification from their embassy or consulate for submission at an immigration office in their local area.

For the 90-day report requirement, all foreigners are required to report and inform the bureau of their residences by Sept 26, he said. More information can be found at

Thailand Eyes Long Stay Visa

Thai Authorities are finalizing a plan for a long stay visa for sun-seeking foreigners to spend the coming winter months in Thailand. Above all in an effort to save the ailing tourism industry.

The government is proposing to grant visas to foreigners who want to stay in Thailand for up to nine months, said Boon Vanasin, chairman of Thonburi Healthcare Group. The health group in the country’s third largest private hospital firm, which runs hospitals and retirement homes.

These long-term visitors would begin their stay with a mandatory 14-day quarantine in Phuket. Frequent virus tests would also be taken . After three weeks on the island and negative test results, they would be free to travel to other regions of the country. Dr Boon, said he has direct knowledge of the government’s plan and expects the arrivals to begin before winter. Tourism and Sports Minister Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn reiterated on Saturday.

The Minister said that he supported the idea of a long-stay tourist visa for selected groups.


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