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Elephant Rescued After Being Trapped in the Mud Eight Hours

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BANGKOK – Park rangers struggled for more than eight hours before successfully extracting an elephant bogged down in a pool of mud. The 49-year-old female elephant weighing four tons.

Rangers from Phu Phan National Park and local villagers struggled diligently to free the elephant from her muddy trapin. They attached ropes to tug Nimnuan, the 49-year-old female elephant out of the muddy quagmire at 11am on Sunday. At 7pm, they finally extracted the animal, letting her return to the forest.

Sakon Nakhon governor Witthaya Chanchalong said the rescuers had to fashion a track to pull the elephant out of the mud pool. They took several breaks to give the Nimnuan a rest, the governor said.

Nimnuan was found trapped in the mud on Sunday morning. Park rangers and villagers said the elephant may have ventured down from mountain in search of bananas. Becoming trapped in the soft soil due to its heavy weight.

The female elephant was released into the forest in 2010 under a project of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit.

Elephant Friendly Camp Opens in Northern Thailand

Meanwhile, the World Animal Protection, along with various travel industry leaders, presented a business case to a group of about 15 elephant camps in Thailand.

The international animal welfare organization and travel leaders sought to demonstrate the growing demand for “observation-only,” “elephant friendly” tourism.

In addition to detailing the public’s growing desire for such humane attractions, World Animal Protection added.

That the organization was ready, willing and able to support any existing elephant venues that stepped up and permanently banned elephant rides, thus putting the needs of the elephants at the forefront of their operations.

It’s  important to note that elephant riding venues are also dangerous for tourists.

If you’re going to visit an elephant venue, make sure it allows elephants to be elephants.

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