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Charted Bus Carrying Wedding Passengers Destroyed by Fire

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A charted bus carrying 46 passengers from a wedding was completely destroyed by a fire on Sunday in central Thailand. All  of the 46 bus passengers were unharmed, Chai Nat police reported.

The bus caught fire on the Highway in Chai Nat Province, forcing all passengers and the driver to flee.

A passenger told Thai media the bus was taking the groom and guests to Phitsanulok province where the bride lived.

During the return trip the smoke came out of the air-conditioning vents inside the bus. The fire then followed, forcing the bus driver to pull over.

Firefighters from Chai Nat and Nakhon Sawan provinces were called to the scene. It took them 45 minutes to put out the blaze that completely destroyed the vehicle.

Driver Theerasak Klanfuk said the fire might have started from the malfunctioned cooling panel. He said the company would take full responsibility for the damage.

Police and forensic experts are determining the cause of the blaze and will later press charges against the driver.

Chai Nat Bus Fire Photos:

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