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Bangkok Taxi’s Get Three Strikes and your Out Rule

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BANGKOK – Director-general Theerapong Rodprasert of the Land Transport Department reported Wednesday that it’s now one strike and you’re out for bad-behaving taxi drivers who will have their licences revoked after a single, serious offence, the Land Transport Department said Wednesday.

Director-general Theerapong Rodprasert said the department is changing its traditional approach of giving bad drivers three chances and will now put out of business immediately anyone involved in serious wrongdoing, or who undermines passengers’ sense of security for their lives and property, and ruins Thailand’s reputation.

For minor offenses, drivers still will get three chances.

After a first offence, drivers will be fined 1,000 baht and receive training. Upon a second offence, the driver will be fined 1,000 baht and have his licence suspended for a month.

A third violation will see the driver fined 1,000 baht and his licence suspended for six months.

Any driver who commits three offences in a month will lose their licence immediately, Mr Theerapong said.

The department has suspended licences of 123 drivers and revoked two.

Axed drivers include one who refused to use a fare meter with two Japanese tourists and another who abandoned a foreigner on the Bangkok-Chon Buri motorway. The drivers had picked the passengers from Suvarnabhumi airport, Mr Theerapong said.

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