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Bangkok Orders Lockdown of Entertainment Venues to Contain Covid-19



Bangkok Orders Lockdown on Entertainment Venues to Contain Covid-19

Bangkok city has ordered the lockdown of all entertainment venues from Tuesday until Jan 4 to help contain the spread of covid-19. The order covers bars with hostesses, horse racing tracks and cockfighting arenas and other entertainment venues including massage parlous.

However, pubs and restaurants can stay open as long as they serve only food and alcohol, and close by midnight. A city spokesman also advised entertainment venues to switch to serving only food and observe disease control measures.

Rumors of a New Nationwide Alcohol Ban Quashed

Thai Government officials have quashed rumors that an alcohol ban was about to be enforced due a recent outbreak of covid-19. Rumors on the alcohol sales ban began circulating online last week. By Christmas Eve the rumor had even been reported by some Thai news outlets.

The reports claimed that alcohol sales would be banned nationwide as a preventative measure against the new wave of coronavirus cases in Thailand.

However, government officials have said there is no truth to reports of an impending ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Despite the new wave of COVID-19 cases, officials consider the situation as being under control, therefore there is no need to introduce a nationwide alcohol ban. Some restrictions to the sale of alcohol may apply but only in areas where the new wave COVID-19 infections is highest.

On Friday, Thailand’s Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration also confirmed there was no truth to rumors of an alcohol ban. Dr. Taweesin Visanuyothin, the spokesperson for the Thai Government, said the ban on alcohol sales was one of many rumors being spread online in what has been as “fake news”.

Currently bars, pubs and restaurants are allowed to sell alcohol as normal, as are supermarkets and convenience stores. However, all establishments must have strict screening and social distancing measures in place.

Source: Bangkok post, Daily News

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