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Angry Elephant Attacks Pickup Truck at Khao Yai Park



Wild elephant charges at a pickup truck

Wild elephant charges at a pickup truck


PRACHINBURI – A pickup truck driver at Khao Yai national Park is thanking his lucky stars that he wasn’t killed after a Bull Elephant attacked his truck when he impatiently honked his horn, causing the Elephant to go into a rage.

Witnesses who were driving behind the pickup truck said they saw the elephant walking out of the road near Haew Narok waterfall at Kilometre 20 trying to cross the road amid several passing vehicles to the park to celebrate New Year.

The driver of the pickup said he was shocked by the sudden appearance of the wild bull elephant trying to cross the road so he honked the horn in bid to scare away the elephant.

But instead of running away, the wild elephant turned on to the sound and charged at the truck, while other motorists following behind stopped their vehicles, and grabbed their smart phones to capture the exciting moments.

The elephant attacked only the pickup truck with its trunk and tusks.

At one time, the angry elephant even climbed on the hood in its bid to use its tusks to smash the front windshield.

The incident lasted a few minutes before it abandoned the truck and crossed the road to another side and walked into the jungle.

Chief of Khao Yai National Park, Kanchit Srinopawan identified the jumbo as a male elephant who was roaming for food.

It was angry because it could not cross the road due to traffic during the festive season when many cars visited the park.

He advised visitors to pay attention to advice on sign boards erected along the park’s roads.

When dealing with wild elephants, drivers must not flash their high beams or honk the horns as this could turn the wild elephant to charge at their vehicles.

In case of close encounter, motorist should stay put, and not to make any noise and be patient and avoid honking born or flashing the lights. – Thai PBS

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