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What are the Scariest Star Trek Episodes, and Why?



Star Trek Episodes

A space-themed movie without some spooky aliens sounds quite incomplete because that is all we expect when exploring new territory out of the normal. However, the Star Trek franchise was not incomplete in any way.

On the contrary, it was among the best out-of-earth plots ever witnessed. The presentations and graphics of the scary scenes in the plot were almost perfect and did the intended scare well.

It may not have been possible to watch all Star Trek releases from the debut, but even having watched the new Star Trek movies in order, the scary aspect of exploration and suspense gets well emulated. Some of these scary episodes will give you chills or make you jerk endlessly on your couch.

Some of the most frightening Star Trek episodes released have gotten listed here.

The Doomsday Machine (Season 2 Episode 6)

What could give you a quaking in the boots if not a machine annihilating any planet in its path? Well, that is what the Doomsday machine is about. This episode has already destroyed the USS Constellation ship, leaving only one survivor, and this planet killer is on a path to the dense planets. The movie’s tone is creepy from the word go, and the team has to stop it.

Catspaw (Season 2; Episode 7)

Coming straight from the Doomsday Machine, this episode in Star Trek had it out to scare the audience. It was characterized by spooky witches, decomposing castles with cobwebs, skeletons, spiders, black cats, and any scary iconography you could think of. Spock and Kirk are also chained to the wall in a room by Korob, an alien wizard with witchy minions.

The Man Trap (Season 1; Episode 1)

It seems the series starts on a scary theme. This first episode might have made some people mistake it for a scary movie. The horror plot involves a shapeshifter on a killing spree. The shapeshifter survives on salt tablets but what is creepier is that it can draw salt from people’s bodies. This, in turn, leaves the host dead and red ring-like mottling on the host’s face.

It is spooky as the shapeshifter could have taken anyone’s form and dropped another character down at any time. Spock deciphers a cover-up by the alien that the hosts get affected by a poisonous plant. Starting the series on such a high note only prepares viewers for scarier scenes.

Night Terrors (Season 4; Episode 17)

This episode is arguably the scariest of all the releases. After discovering a missing spacecraft – USS Brattain – that had gotten branded lost, the crew members pulled over. In it, they find only one survivor, a catatonic Betazoid man. The others seemed to have killed each other. As the exploration of the newly found spaceship continues, the Enterprise gets stuck, and in no time, a new threat befalls it.

The crew members start to hallucinate as if being influenced by something that later turns out to be an energy-draining occurrence named Tyken’s Rift. Unfortunately, it reacts with their fatigue brought by lack of sleep, and the aftermath of the hallucinations makes the episode the scariest yet.

Schisms (Season 6; Episode 5)

Another episode that can be debated as the scariest is Schisms. It sets on an unsettling fear among the whole crew. They all have incomplete thoughts as if they have missed some hours in their life. Most of them feel sleep-deprived. Similar memories haunt them, and it is as if they are hallucinating. Most ignore these non-coincidental hints until a crew member dies and another goes missing.

The crew discovered what had been going on. Alien parasites had been abducting the crew members in their sleep for experiments. So now Ricker has to get himself abducted, not in his sleep, to save a crew member. This unravels even more spooky creatures, let alone the little abducting aliens.

Genesis (Season 7; Episode 19)

This episode is not for you if you are terrified of lizards, spiders, lemurs, or horrible-looking animal hybrids. But if you are willing to test your wits, then this is your chance. This episode stands among the scariest in all leads so far. It gives zombie apocalypse-like scenes when a T-cell affects the crew members in the absence of Picard and Data.

The T-cell causes the crew to de-evolve and take up various scary forms. Some take up predator forms and are on a killing spree, whereas others become monstrous creatures never seen before. In the ship is an actual alien circus, only that this one is a violent version. The de-evolving crew members create havoc in the spaceship. Picard and Data are in for a scare when they return.


Although the series was not a scary genre, its spooky episodes will have you mistake it for a horror film. This is, however, expected as the exploration theme is full of surprises. The series has scarier episodes, but the best ones are mentioned above.



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