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WordPress is an open-source content management system that helps creators or businesses build a website of their own and host it at the same time.

Bloggers, business organizations, or any individuals trying to set up an online store using this platform to establish themselves online.

The best part about WordPress is that it is very convenient. One can set up any kind of website one wants with the help of WordPress.

A lot of beginners or even established Bloggers often have this question- How to make money with WordPress?

Yes, you can make money on WordPress. This article will explain to you some best ways to earn from WordPress.

7 Effective Ways To Make Money With WordPress

1. Sell Physical Or Digital Products

If you are an entrepreneur then WordPress is a perfect platform for you. With the help of a plugin, you can easily transform your website into a space for selling both physical and digital products.

You can sell fashion accessories such as customized t-shirts or shoes or sell eBooks on WordPress.

For assisting you to sell everything online there is one plugin that will be of great help. WooCommerce is specifically designed for catering to small entrepreneurs as well as large businesses.

Setting up an online store is now easy with the help of WooCommerce which provides features such as safe payment options and much more. Selling products or services could be hectic, but not anymore.

With WooCommerce you can operate your business from anywhere and keep track of your stats and orders.

2. Offer Online Courses

Talking about selling services on WordPress, Online Courses in recent times have gained huge scope in the market.

If you are qualified enough to teach Courses such as foreign languages, music, cooking, and so on, you can create an online learning platform.

In terms of economic aspects, the online learning sphere is predicted to reach $350 billion by the year 2025.

Hence considering this surge, it is wise to offer courses in the form of online learning via WordPress. There are Plugins such as WooCommerce, LearnPress, and many more to assist you to create such online Courses.

As per promoting your services to gain more clients you can make use of plugins such as the Hubspot WordPress plugin.

Apart from keeping track of your performance, this plugin will also help you with communication and engagement with clients.

3. Allow Ads To Run

If you have visited any website, you must have seen ads pop up now and then.

When a user clicks on those ads it benefits the website owner. Likewise, you can also allow ads to display on your website.

By linking your website with online operating systems such as Google AdSense you can start earning by displaying pay-per-click ads.

However, most of the visitors visit your website to either read blogs or for availing of the services you provide.

It might be stressful for visitors to constantly encounter ads. Hence choose relevant places in your blog post or website to display the ads appropriately.

For assisting you to manage ads on WordPress there are plugins such as AdSanity, AdRotate, and many others. This will help create a user-friendly experience for the visitors.

4. Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing

If you are a writer and want to create a blogging website on WordPress, Affiliate Marketing is the best way for you to start earning.

Affiliate marketing in simple terms is a commission-based system where companies pay you for promoting their products or services on your website or elsewhere.

The payment however depends on the sales you bring for them. You can add referral links to your blogs and earn from them.

For getting Affiliate links to add to your website you can do some research about companies who offer them.

Companies such as Amazon have Affiliate programs on their website. It is always wise to choose Affiliate programs that you believe in.

Don’t just randomly add these links to your blog try to include them as a piece of your content. This way there is a better chance of gaining trust from visitors and getting more clicks.

5. Get You Blogs Sponsored

If you write blog posts under a specific niche such as fashion, food, technology, and so on, you can seek sponsorships.

Get in touch with companies specializing in your niche and approach them to sponsor your blog.

For this, you will need to have built a strong presence on WordPress.

Create a media kit and approach many companies. Include details such as your website performance and traffic to gain more opportunities on your media kit.

6. Start Your Podcast

If you are someone who likes to share your thoughts and be heard, what better than starting your Podcast?

You can hold interviews or just talk about any topics, in general, to get started.

Accordingly, you can add referral links or run campaigns to earn from it. You can make use of podcasting plugins such as blubrry to get started with your podcasting journey.

7. Allow Guest Posts

If you have a well-established website with good traffic then you can allow others to post on your website.

Normally website owners do not charge for Guest Posts, but it depends on you since you are the owner.

You can find plugins online for allowing guest posting on your website.

Final Words

These were 7 effective ways for you to make money on WordPress. If you are a beginner the above-mentioned steps will be favorable for you as well.

If you have created a website on WordPress make sure to go for premium plans to gain exclusive features.

The free plan may not support most of the features such as running ads. Hence, if you want to earn money, do invest in the premium plan.

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