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Where Can I see Butterflies in UAE?

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Butterflies in UAE

Can we see butterflies in Dubai? If so, where can I see butterflies in UAE? You must be surprised to know Dubai is the home to the most exotic butterfly species. So, this time when you’re planning your trip to Dubai, add these beautiful places to experience the most magnificent colorful creature on the earth.

These stunning places will take you to the spellbound beauty of nature, and you’ll have the most wonderful experience of life.

From full blooming flowers to rainbow colored butterflies, everything gives you the feel of fairyland. So, let’s have a look at these beautiful places.

1. Al Noor Island

Admit it or not, Al Noor Island takes you to the world of the butterflies. The place is considered Sharjah’s dazzling oasis. This is a small island that is cropped into Khalid Lagoon. Furthermore, connected with the footbridge to the Buhaira corniche.

The Al Noor Island beholds surprise elements for everyone. The tourists can make their way to the places via wooden walkways. But the best thing about the place is that you will experience more than 20 exotic species of butterflies here.

Moreover, the place is home to more than 70,000 plants trees and has a butterfly

my house. Above this, you can admire the moon butterflies, count on the butterflies and gaze at the beautiful sculptures. Kids and adults both love this beautiful place.

This facility, which seems like it sprang right out of a fairy tale, allows you to get up and intimate with over 20 different species of butterflies.

The Island’s main attribute, the Butterfly House, has been ingeniously constructed to allow natural light while maintaining humidity, providing a haven for butterflies of different sizes, shapes, colors and patterns.

Stroll around and discover butterfly species, or look for those disguised by nature. In addition, the butterfly house offers a café, so your time here will fly by as quickly as these winged beauties.

2. Dubai Butterfly Garden

Dubai butterfly garden is another mesmerizing place to explore these wonderful and colorful butterflies. This place is next to the Dubai Miracle Garden and holds nature’s sights. However, the place is famous as the world’s largest butterfly garden.

This has a spectacular butterfly sanctuary and has many exotic species of tiny winged creatures. The best part is you can witness here the butterfly’s species from all over the world. See how magical the moment looks when you see these colorful creatures flying everywhere near you?

In this garden, you will have a glimpse of 45 butterfly species that keep on fluttering around you. Moreover, the garden also has educational areas. So, if you want to learn about these butterfly species like metamorphosis and other things, then you can go to the places to read some fun facts about these tiny creatures.

Admire the magnificent streaks of orange, white, and black swimming side by side in Dome 2’s Koi Pond. For your kids, there is a Kids Cinema in the garden where your family can relax and unwind while watching their children’s favorite Disney films.

The best time to visit the Dubai Butterfly Garden is 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. This would be when you get to see moving butterflies on the colorful flowers.

3. Dubai Miracle Garden

The Dubai miracle garden is the third best place to experience the butterflies flying around. This is one of the biggest flower gardens that has ever been built. So, don’t miss the chance to witness the millions of blooming flowers and the 72,000 sq. meter long floral paradise, which will only be open for visitors from December to April.

From gigantic flowers to butterflies and flower sculptures, you get to notice everything here. Don’t forget to take the beautiful pictures with gigantic teddy bear sculptures over here and, of course, the floral castle. The place is home to more than 30 cafes, food stalls and many small restaurants. After sightseeing, you must be feeling hungry so that you can enjoy refreshing delights over there.

Bottom Line

These are the three top places in Dubai where you can see these beautiful butterfly species. So, next time you plan to spend some memorable time in Dubai and experience nature’s beauty, don’t forget to visit these places. This would be a magical moment for you and makes you feel like visiting a fairyland.

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