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When You Fall in Love for the Second Time Better than the First?



When You Fall in Love for the Second Time Better than the First?

Growing up is a whole process in which one does not stop learning. Not only through its education but also thanks to all the people around them and their shared experiences. In the end, with social interaction throughout existence, it is normal to meet another person, fall in love and for attraction and desire to arise.

Life seems to have a pattern, a set of phases. Being born, growing up, studying, meeting someone, going out, marrying your other half, having a job and starting a family. An ideal life, the path to follow in order to achieve that desired happiness. But to what extent is this true?

Because in many situations the different cultures and traditions influence very much the life that one wants and the possible relationships. For example, in Thailand, women are known for their beauty and men for taking good care of their partners, for example, by avoiding carrying weight and carrying them everywhere. However, it is common for men to have several partners and even wives. That’s why studies say that they are among the most unfaithful and it’s more common to find their lifelong partners after the first love.

What is the first couple like?

When You Fall in Love for the Second Time Better than the First?

At first, like in movies, everything seems great. The first kisses, that level of trust, the first intimacies and so on. A lot of first experiences that are shared with that special person. That’s why everyone tends to get carried away and fully believe in the other, sometimes forgetting about themselves.

There are times when everything is so intense when you feel that love for the first time that is not managed properly. Unlike with the Australian escorts and babes, there are many feelings involved here. A person’s world is their partner and everything surrounding them. Or even what at that moment is believed to be the “love of your life”.

Besides, normally all this happens at a very young age when the personality and the opinion about many aspects and things is still being formed completely. So it is normal that both parts of the couple grow and learn together over time.

As in all the first times, it is normal to make mistakes and the strange thing would be everything turning out perfectly. So there are usually not good results. In the end, one of the two ends up with a broken heart. Realities change, interests vary and life paths separate.

When living together, and sharing time and feelings with a person, it is important to keep this in mind. It is about priorities, the couple is important but it is also important to make time for yourself.

People change and evolve when the fall in love

When You Fall in Love for the Second Time Better than the First?

Although it is true that this does not have to be a first relationship, it can be the second or third or any other one. But, as they say, you learn from your mistakes. These are experiences that you live and that help you get to know yourself better. What is desired, but over anything else, what is not. Something you have to go through in all the aspects of your life, career-wise by changing jobs and roles or during sex.

No one is perfect and no one should pretend to be. Unfortunately, there is no guide to what to do to achieve a perfect relationship. But there is a series of tips to make the second relationship notably better than the previous one.

The first thing is that there is love and desire. If there is no love and only desire you could easily get the same and replace that person with another. Love is the fundamental basis of every relationship, besides physical attraction, that gives the motivation to see and get to know each other more.

Another important aspect is fidelity. Nowadays there are many different types of relationships: open, polyamorous, monogamous… The idea is to seek balance and to adapt to what all the people involved in the relationship agree on. If you want to experience and seek other pleasures outside that special person, you must first communicate and reach a consensus.

So, is the second love better than the first love?

Communication is also important. Be sincere and consistent with what you want, express your concerns and problems so you can solve them and that the relationship is strengthened. Keep in touch, be interested in each others life’s.

Besides this, it is also necessary to find your own space. Having and dedicating time to yourself is just as important as sharing it with your partner. To dedicate time to personal growth and to achieve one’s own objectives.

Finally, you have to be empathetic, understanding and patient. There are many kinds of situations, so before acting without understanding, it is better to ask and know all the details. Do not make hasty decisions and think things through.

The answer is simple: it depends. Every relationship, just like every person, is different and it is an adventure to live it. It doesn’t usually follow logical A – B – C rules. It can become an emotional roller coaster. But with confidence and desire, it can work. To be able to count on your partner, is to have someone always there to talk to you and support you when you need it. So it is essential to give love a chance, to overcome fear and to dare to meet and get intimate with new people in order to keep growing and moving forward.

By Deborah Salas

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