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What Should You Consider Prior To Buying An Customize Engagement Ring?



What Should You Consider Prior To Buying An Customize Engagement Ring?

Engagement Ring: We believe that you’ve looked in every jewelry store and still haven’t found the right ring that makes you exclaim, “Oh my goodness, That’s it, That’s the ring.” You’ve also considered the alternatives, but Grandma’s ring is out of style, tarnished, and broken, and you don’t want to propose to her with anything less than perfect. If this is the case, three words can save you: “customize engagement ring” Whether you want to revitalize an old piece of grandmother jewelry or create your engagement ring, custom jewelry design is the way to go.

When create your own engagement ring, here are some pertinent questions to consider.

1. Should I rely on a personalized engagement ring? How long will it take Jeweler to make a unique engagement ring?

Create your own engagement ring might take anywhere from six to twelve weeks. In addition, the time is determined by the complexity of the custom jewelry and the number of custom orders placed before yours. The skilled Jeweler will not proceed to the next step until you approve your customized engagement ring. Also, the date may change if you place your purchase during the wedding season. To propose and submit your concept, you must have a specific date. So that the process is completed on time, if you are already running out of time, you may get her a promise ring in the meantime and place an order for a bespoke ring.

2. What are the things I have to carry when visiting my jewelry for the first time to get an engagement ring customized? Am I supposed to bring something to the initial consultation?

Bring whatever design ideas you have, such as internet photographs, Pinterest photos, magazine cuttings, etc. Designers can narrow down their design options by knowing what style they prefer. Please bring any gemstones or diamonds you own with us if you wish to reset them in your new jewelry piece.

3. If you could lead us through the customization process, that would be great.

You must first find images or attempt to sketch out numerous topics. The first stage is to present your creative & original concept; you can even bring the design that inspires you; there are no boundaries. The 3d Jewelry configurator begins with an online drawing and goes to an online 3-D model after the initial discussion about your design and what you’re seeking. Once they’ve placed it on the mold and double-checked that it’s exactly how you pictured it, the Jeweler may finish with a gorgeous, polished result your loved one will cherish for a long time.

4. I have a limited budget. Is it true that a customize engagement ring causes me unnecessary bucks?

It all comes down to the Jeweler you choose to work with and your budget. Jewelers will be following the price range you will offer. Also, we ask you to keep in mind that the cost will vary depending on your design’s diamonds, metals, and complexity. During your appointment, discuss these preferences to see how they affect your budget.

5. I have my Mother’s Mother’s ring, which is tarnished yet has beautiful stones. Can I also bring my own stones and metal for the customize engagement ring?

Without a doubt! People understand the emotional and sentimental value of using gemstones or diamonds you own or inherited. They’ll be happy to reset these stones in your new piece of handmade jewelry, and you can browse their choice of fine jewelry for brand-new gemstones, diamonds, and styles.

6. Finally, who should I trust when purchasing a customize engagement ring?

At Rauschmayer, you can design your engagement ring from heirloom-quality jewels.


Rauschmayer skilled jewelers take pride in handling any project, no matter how big or small. We care about assisting you in creating exactly what you want while staying within your budget.

For the time being, your potential everlasting jewelry is simply a notion, but our jewelers will help you turn it into reality. For a Customize engagement ring quote, give us a call now. Get started on your design right away!


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