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What is the Life of Fiberglass Pool?



Fiberglass Pool

Fiberglass Pool: While you are planning to build your swimming pool then your contractor may offer you 2 choices. You can either prefer concrete pool or you can also build fiberglass pools. Therefore, you need to decide the type of pool you will prefer.

This may look like a difficult choice for you as most of us have seen the concrete type of pools and have little experience with fiberglass pools. Therefore, while going for a new swimming pool in Biloela QLD what kind of pool will you like to order?

It will be a good idea to know the pros and cons of both options so that you will make a better decision. Let us, therefore, look at each of these types of pools individually.

Concrete pools


1. Design flexibility

You can design such pools in any shape and size depending upon the space available to you.

2. Aesthetics

Such pools may look quite appealing and you can make them match with as per the surrounding area.

3. Stronger

We all are familiar with such pools as they are quite stronger as they are made of concrete materials.


1. Installation time is quite high

It will take at least a few months of construction work to complete the installation of such concrete pools.

2. Costlier

This option of building pools will be much costlier both in terms of materials and also the time needed to build.

3. Rough on foot

Concrete pool surfaces can be quite rough and particularly for young children, it is difficult to walk over them.

4. Maintenance cost is higher

Concrete pools need too much maintenance and hence the cost of maintaining them in good shape may need more expenses.

5. Susceptible to algae

Sooner than later, the pool will develop black coloured algae, which is difficult to stop even after good maintenance.

6. Running cost is higher

To run a concrete pool, you need to spend more both in terms of maintenance and running.

Fiberglass pools


1. Quite durable

Fiberglass is quite a strong and durable material and can easily last for a few decades if you make a pool out of it.

2. The installation will be faster

They are generally made in a factory and can be installed on your premises within a few hours.

3. Low maintenance

Fiberglass pools will need very low maintenance as compared to any concrete pools.

4. Long term spending is comparatively less

If you look at the long-term spending on concrete pools, you will find that it is much less as compared to concrete pools.

5. Visually more appealing

Fiberglass pools are quite appealing to look at and it will be a nice addition.

6. Much warmer

People feel warmer when they use a fiberglass pool.


1. Limitation of size

As they are built in factory out of standard mould size, you have to select from them only.

Looking at the above details, fiberglass pools will be a more preferred option. The supplier will also offer a lifetime warranty for such pools. You can easily use these pools for 25 to 30 years.

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